Fuel: do you know the €5 scam?

Fuel: do you know the €5 scam?

Over the past few days, oil prices have been at their lowest in months. Real good news for drivers, burdened for months with too much money. So much so that some had had to cut short their vacations or reduce their business trips. A very difficult situation for many, which is largely explained by the increase in oil prices, caused by war in Ukraine. But the punitive tax imposed by the government has nothing to do with it. However, the 30 cent discount comes as a reward for drivers, many of whom rush to service stations, with other prices showing below the €1.50 mark. Not heard from since 2020! But for some, that’s not enough…

A simple scam

Some clever people have found a way to get unlimited use at the pump for just €5. Of course, this is completely illegal and is considered theft. But then, how does it work? In fact, thugs pay little money with them Bank card, usually €5, at the first pump. Once opened, it is then possible to use it normally. Except that in some service stations, this system also makes it possible to operate the neighboring pump. And in this case, you should go and help yourself quietly, without the bank card being debited. A simple but very discouraged method, and which therefore has nothing legal, you can imagine.

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Ready the case

Several cases have already been recorded of robbers using this trick to avoid paying for fuel. Then they filled their tank, as well jerry cans In addition, to be able to sell stolen gasoline or diesel at a cheap price, almost 1 € per liter. Except that most of the time, the corrupt were caught by the law enforcement agencies, receiving very heavy fines, as well as a six-month suspended prison sentence. In fact, some were already in retreat. So the best thing is to add oil normally, and above all not to be tempted by second oil, sold in suspicious condition.