‘Frustrated, Ferrari turned into a joke again’

‘Frustrated, Ferrari turned into a joke again’

Ferrari lived through another weekend full of problems. In addition to witnessing the victory of Max Verstappen and Red Bull one-two, the Italian team once again turned into a laughing stock for the mistakes made by the Belgian GP. Not even a podium was achieved by Carlos Sainz to clear the mess with Charles Leclerc, sixth place after several mistakes at the end of the race at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

In Live F1 with Seixas and Flaviois distributed by UOL Esporte immediately after the Formula 1 race, journalists Fábio Seixas and Flavio Gomes complained about the mistakes made by Ferrari, which turned out to be common in the last race and harmed the team in the fight in the World Cup of Drivers and Constructors.

“In the fifth stage of the season, in Miami, Leclerc was the leader of the championship. We are in 14th place and forget it. Leclerc cannot talk about the position of the championship. At the very least, he will fight with Pérez until, who knows,” they advance in the race the following and restore the vice leadership. Unfortunately, Ferrari has been a confused team celebrating several years of its history.

Gomes also regretted the series of mistakes made by the Italian team. “To make matters worse for Ferrari, which had the runner-up in the championship, it continues to mess up. It has no chance of winning the title and we have to make that clear. Like Verstappen, Leclerc was kicked out of the title. . several of his car. The difference is that Verstappen won the race and Leclerc finished sixth”, said the UOL columnist.

If at the beginning of the season Ferrari emerged as the biggest rival of Red Bull, today it has remained behind. Bad strategies and driver errors jeopardized the chances of fighting for the World Championship of Drivers and Constructors. Leclerc is 98 points behind leader Verstappen (284 to 186) and was overtaken by Pérez. Red Bull still boasts a comfortable 118-point lead (475 to 357) over its rivals in the Constructors.

Gomes highlighted how the Belgian doctor strengthened the image of a troubled Ferrari team. “Ferrari was embarrassing in the end. Apart from not winning the race and not even coming close to having a driver on pole position. [Carlos Sainz], the end was a normal slap. Leclerc could have finished the race in fifth place, he was sixth and without the best lap. Ferrari has suffered another embarrassment in this race, although it has gained a podium with Sainz”, he emphasized.

Gomes referred to Ferrari’s failed tactic for Leclerc to set the fastest lap and score points. The Monegasque concentrated on the final lap, but returned to the track behind Alonso’s Alpine. Not only did he miss the fastest match, which he held with Verstappen, he picked up a five-second penalty for speeding on the pit lane.

Seixas also recalled the session with Leclerc in qualifying, another stupid mistake made by the team. “Yesterday, there was a tire shame too. Leclerc was not fighting for the pole position. What is Ferrari doing? Put a new soft tire on his car. How can it? Didn’t anyone there say the tire was bad? on the cake and [Mattia] Binotto [chefe da escuderia] he doesn’t have a team hand”, concluded the UOL reporter.

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