from pilot project to commercial success

from pilot project to commercial success

In 2019, Cadillac Canada launched the service Cadillac Live, an online exhibition room where users could explore a variety of automated design and talk with a representative from the comfort of their living room. Without pressure or commitment to sales, Cadillac Live was trying to change the way Canadian customers buy a new car. Three years later, the service seems to be more popular than ever and even allows Cadillac to sell more cars.

If Cadillac Live was just a pilot project when it was launched, today it is a key link in the consumer shopping chain. According to Philippe-André Bisson, communications chief of General Motors of Canada, the service recorded 100,000 individual episodes across North America by 2020.

The disease has helped

In fact, Cadillac Live statistics show that the COVID-19 epidemic has been beneficial for this service. Indeed, there is a 15% increase in the periods between 2020 and 2021. Additionally, Cadillac is proud of the fact that its online service has seen a 22% increase in the experimental drives produced by Cadillac Live in that period.

“Basically, the number is increasing year after year with the number of phones and pilots since it opened in 2019. This tells us that more and more users prefer a platform like Cadillac Live for the purchase of their car,” Mr. Bisson told us. in email exchange.

Do you see the future ahead of others?

Did Cadillac see the trend coming in front of others with this service? When launched, the automotive industry was already trying to revolutionize the way people buy cars in a number of fields.

For example, Genesis and Tesla provided corporate business models, i.e. purchases were made through online transactions and delivery of the car at home. Volvo and Porsche even offered the option of buying a car in accordance with the monthly registration, and some groups of dealers in the vast Montreal area had already begun the principle of the exhibition room used only for consultations and road trials.

It was difficult then to predict whether this new trend would bear fruit. As for Cadillac, it is clear that the COVID-19 epidemic has worked on its behalf. Today more than ever, our civilization is operating at almost every activity online. An online car service, free of charge and free of charge such as Cadillac is well understood today.


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