from 55,150 euros

from 55,150 euros

The electric counterpart of the X1, the iX1 is about to enter the market. BMW has just announced its price: from 55,150 euros.

It will be 7,000 euros more expensive than the Tesla Model Y. BMW’s 100% electric model based on a small SUV in the range is not cheap. Indeed, with the arrival of the third generation X1, BMW is taking advantage of this yield change to offer a 100% electric version as well as heated models. Like the X3 and iX3, the two will co-exist for a few more years. With its two electric motors and its 62.4 kWh battery, the new iX1 will have a range of 438 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. and so it will annoy the Audi Q4 e-tron (more interesting) and the Mercedes EQA. Its two engines give it 313 horse power.

To provide its services, it will be necessary to sign a check for 55,150 euros. That seems very high compared to the Tesla Model Y and Skoda Enyaq iV 80 which are trading respectively from 49,990 and 51,080 euros. Except that these two models, which are cheaper than the new model of the Electric Propeller, have more freedom thanks to a larger battery.

Stiff competition from across the Rhine

Finally, not the most intimidating generalists BMW iX1: Mercedes EQA 250+ (entry level) it is more expensive with a slightly larger battery (66.5 kWh. It costs 55,750 euros for the Star SUV. Except that the latter is less powerful: it shows “only” 190 horses.

The Audi Q4 e-tron starts from 50,900 euros but carries a larger 77 kWh battery. He can be a real competitor of the new iX1. Case to follow when we have tested it, in just a few short days.