FritzBox and FritzRepeater at the highest prices on Amazon

FritzBox and FritzRepeater at the highest prices on Amazon

Amazon currently offers a total of three AVM devices as part of the gaming week. But the three routers and repetitions offered are not only aimed at players, but basically for anyone who wants to set up a suitable home network.

Among other things, there is a new version of the FritzBox 4060. The three-band WLAN router is basically a complete FritzBox including the DECT base station. Unlike other FritzBoxes, however, it does not have a modem on board. This means that you can use the router behind the existing modem from your cable or fiber optic service provider or use it as a high-quality backpack in the AVM network. Using it as a router on a satellite connection – such as from Starlink – can also be imagined and understandable.

The FritzBox 4060 persuaded us to experiment – we were just not satisfied with the price of 269 euros. for only 207.99 euros. The right plan – especially since you can continue to use the router even after changing your Internet connection.

FritzRepeater 6000 for less than 190 euros

Amazon has also significantly reduced the price of FritzRepeater 6000. You can use the repeater as a microphone in your AVM network. It works especially well with a three-band tuner such as the 4060, as different frequencies can be used for connection between two routers. In this way, data traffic between two devices does not interfere with data traffic to other end devices on the home network.

Alternatively, you can also connect the FritzRepeater 6000 to the FritzBox of your choice using a LAN cable. Thanks to the web, your end devices are always connected to the best data distributor – without you doing anything. FritzRepeater 6000 has RRP of 259 euros. Amazon sells for 189.99 euros.

FritzBox for less than 90 euros – but …

The third offer in the group is the FritzBox 7510, which costs 129 euros and now available for 89.99 euros ni. However, we recommend that you purchase this FritzBox only if you do not have enough money to purchase a high quality box. Reason: It supports WLAN band frequency only around 2.4 GHz, which is considered to be full frequency. In our opinion, you should only consider using the FritzBox 7510 if you live in a rural area and only use a “normal” Internet connection via DSL or VDSL with 50 Mbit / s or less.

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