Former driver regrets Vettel’s lack of titles at Ferrari: “It’s a shame”

Former driver regrets Vettel’s lack of titles at Ferrari: “It’s a shame”

Former driver Marc Surer regrets that Sebastian Vettel did not win the world title with Ferrari. In his seasons with the Italian team, the German managed to finish runners-up in 2017 and 2018.

In an interview with ‘Formel1’, Surer spoke about this lack of rank in the German driver’s career at Ferrari. “Of course it’s a shame that he won titles with Red Bull alone. It would be nice if he won another title with Ferrari, because that’s a bit dark.”

“Now just say: OK, that was a good race for Red Bull and he cleaned it all up and he couldn’t do it again. It’s sad. I mean, he really did something sensational. He also won a race that you shouldn’t have. For me, that’s always the difference between a great driver and a good driver,” Surer explained.

The former driver mentions the four-time world champion as one of the legends in the history of Formula 1. “If you don’t have the fastest car and still win races, very few can do that with Sebastian Vettel.” is one of them. That’s why I rate it as one of the true masters.”

At this stage, Vettel is likely to leave F1 without adding another victory since his last win at the Singapore GP in 2019. Surer blames Aston Martin for this, as he believes the German still has the ability to win races. “He’s really got the Stroll under control. So yeah, if Aston Martin went further, it would look very different.

“Then he would have won the race, and Stroll could have taken the podium without any problems. Stroll’s distance shows he is still fast. Whether the motivation was there every weekend is another question,” concluded Surer.