Forgotten Concepts: Cadillac Cimarron PPG (1985)

Forgotten Concepts: Cadillac Cimarron PPG (1985)

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  • According to Cadillac Cimarron
  • Gives honor to the 1931 Cadillac Fleetwood Dual Coal Phaeton

From 1980 to 1989, the CART Championship was sponsored by the PPG group, and was officially named CART PPG. PPG, a group in the chemical industry, one of their main products is car paint … To mark this partnership, the race will be opened by Pace Cars designed specifically by manufacturers. Sometimes very close to the production model, sometimes real concept cars, like Buick Wildcat or Cadillac Cimarron this special.

GM therefore chooses the Cimarron base. Launched in 1981, the sedan is part of the J-Type family. So are the cousins ​​of Buick Skyhawk, Chevrolet Cavalier, Oldsmobile Firenza, Pontiac 2000 … and Opel Ascona. The car decided late in the family structure differs very little from its cousins ​​justifying the price of Cadillac, and it cannot compete with the versions of European manufacturers in the segment, such as the Mercedes 190E or BMW 3 Series. It will leave the scene in 1988 after more than 132,000 units. By 1985, the work was already underway, but Cadillac still hoped to save the model, which was sold less than expected, but which attracted younger customers.

The J platform is a front-wheel drive, and the concept uses a more powerful engine, 130 hp 2.8 V6 … The body, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the base sedan. Conceptual structure in a a new aerodynamic vein that Cadillac will develop later in the Voyage and Solitaire concept.and in a reduced version as standard from Seville in 1992. Respect for 1931 Fleetwood Dual Coal Phaeton, this concept therefore highlights two “separate cabins” each with its own windshield and rear-view mirror. A solution that preserves the hardness of a 4-door switch, but without a smooth top. We are at the forefront of the concept, so we need a little more technology, which includes two television screens, a built-in phone with a hands-free function and a microphone attached to the steering wheel, which has installed booths. This Cimarron will be The first 4-door Motion drive in series.

The car is now part of the GM Heritage Center collection, where we had the opportunity to photograph it in 2010 …

to summarize

Cadillac Cimarron is one of the biggest mistakes in Cadillac history. But in 1985, when PPG ordered a car for VIP shipment at the opening of the CART Championship race, GM still seemed to believe. The Cimarron concept will be one of the PPG Pace Car series in the 80s.

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