Ford’s patent creates a seat belt for dogs

Ford’s patent creates a seat belt for dogs

Anyone who has a dog and wants to take the animal on a trip in the car knows that it is not always easy to transport the animal safely. After all, no current car is designed to hold a pet safely. But a patent registered by Ford in the United States could soon change that.

First of all, it is important to say that there are devices that allow the safe transport of pets in cars. However, in the case of Ford, it would be the car manufacturer thinking of a solution that would already leave the factory in its cars.

According to the patent images, the system developed by the manufacturer will combine a type of collar, seat belt and attachment points that would help to secure an additional device for the ISOFIX system of cars – and which are usually used to secure child seats.

Ford patent and animal seat belt [reprodução]

According to the website Motor Vehicle Authority, the system has retractors equipped with sensors that measure acceleration and in the direction where the car is going, keeping the dog fixed in the seat. In addition, there must be a camera inside the car, for the driver to monitor pets.

It remains to be seen if the system will be included in Ford’s production models. However, as the number of pets continues to increase, there is no doubt that the brand will invest in its own dog seat belt.

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