Ford to lay off 8,000 workers to make electric cars

Ford to lay off 8,000 workers to make electric cars

A major layoff plan would be to secure resources for the brand’s power supply project

A circular marker will cut into the flesh to find your long-term plan for powering. I mean, it will cut other people’s meat. Ford plans to lay off 8,000 jobs so it can finance its next electric cars.

The information is from the Bloomberg news agency. According to the publication, the mass withdrawal would focus on Ford Blue, a new division created for the development of traditional combustion engines. In addition, most of the layoffs would take place in the United States, where the automaker has 31,000 employees.

Ford will shoot for cash

Ford plans to lay off more workers months after it begins restructuring the company. In March, the automaker created two separate parts: Ford Blue, for combustion vehicles, and Model E, for electric and electric vehicles.

At the time, the brand also revealed a cost reduction target of US$3 billion by 2026. The cost reduction would be a way to make Ford Blue the group’s most profitable division. The goal is to increase the use of EVs to $ 50 billion and build two million 100% electric vehicles by 2026 – last year, the car manufacturer had set. an investment of US$ 30 billion in electricity supply by 2025.

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“As part of this, we have set clear goals to reduce our cost structure to ensure that we are preferred and fully compete with the best in the industry,” Ford CCO Mark Truby said in a statement to Bloomberg, without elaborating on the possible reductions.

Ford electric car sales

Ford wants to be the second largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. Gambling begins with the North American market, where the company doubled, in January, picapona electric production F-150 Electric, with the goal of selling 150 thousand units of the model this year. In 2012, the brand sold just 27,140 EVs in America.

This wouldn’t be the first recent mass layoff in Ford’s history. more than a year ago, the company ended its industrial activities in Braziland the dismissal of 5 thousand workers in January 2021.