Ford still hasn’t been able to sell the Troller factory: understand the impasse

Ford still hasn’t been able to sell the Troller factory: understand the impasse

With the closure in September 2021, the Troller plant became a setback for Ford due to the difficulty of negotiating the industrial park.

The Troller factory was closed last year specifically in September. Troller is now part of Ford’s strong American race, and the company’s plant in Ceara has already had sales talks initiated long ago, even when Troller was making jeeps for its Brazilian brand.

Ford purchased the Troller brand in 2008, however the company entered into an agreement to only negotiate and sell Troller real estate and equipment, and not its brands and products, such as the popular Troller T4. The problem started with the lack of interest from other companies that also wanted to buy the Troller, and now this lack of interest has turned the remaining Troller into a well-tied knot with Ford.

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Head of the Secretariat of Economic Development and Work (SEDET) Maia Jr. He gave the following comments: “I have given up (negotiations with the company). Ford has tied the knot for anyone who wants to buy the unit. They don’t want to sell the integrated brand, the production levels or allow the Troller jeep to be built”.

The proposal of a car manufacturer North America is as follows, the buyer must take the Troller brand, however, he cannot use it on his cars, in the same way he cannot follow the Troller design parameters, having to develop a new car project, without leaving any comments. for T4 or Troller brand.

The Maya Jr. He also said about other general information of Ford “The buyer will have to create a new design. The manufacturing matrix, the molds, they will not (be able to) sell”. The director of SEDET also said that no matter how big a knot that Ford made about the negotiations, there is still a solid way to solve this problem, Maia, still says that he is negotiating with both car manufacturers to reach an agreement.

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Image: Disclosure.

While everything is being discussed in the industry in Ceara, a similar crisis is beginning to flourish in the state of Bahia, where the production area of ​​Camaçari is located, which until now has an uncertain future in the market.

What you can imagine is that there is a final sale agreement, where the relations made with Ford are opened, so Ford can sell the property, and the buyer can make the complex productive for his own brand.

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