Ford reveals Mustang Mach-E that will be launched in Brazil – Prisma

Ford reveals Mustang Mach-E that will be launched in Brazil – Prisma

Ford took advantage of an indoor event at the Tatuí Technical Development Center, in São Paulo, to reveal the 100% electric Mustang Mach-E. The brand confirmed that the Crossover will be sold in Brazil, although it has not yet revealed details such as the model’s engine and standard products.

MUSTANG MACHINE WITH ELECTRICITY APPROVED FOR BRAZIL! How much? When is it coming? Check out the details in the video!

The reveal was given to a small group of journalists where R7-Autos Carros was present and served as the public appearance of the Mach-E after many pictures of the electric Crossover that has around 500 hp. The model on display at the event features GT edition badges, one of three available on the Mach-E’s cover in the US.

With a sporty look similar to the current Mustang lineup, the Mach-E has sold more than 50,000 units in the United States. The car’s success was so great that Ford stopped orders for the Mach E due to lack of parts and high orders. Currently, the model costs from US$ 43,800 (R$ 240,000 direct conversion) to US$ 65,000 (R$ 345,000) in the GT Performance version.

Electric engine and has a range of more than 400km
Although Ford is tight-lipped about the Mach-E, the Mexican-made SUV is offered in Select, GT and Performance trims in the North American market. It takes the shape of an SUV coupe with a rear end heavily inspired by the current Mustang model and has two electric motors that add up to 487 hp of power and torque around 87 kgfm.

Its battery has 91kWh enough for a distance of 434 km or 418 in the Performance version. Acceleration is about 3.6 seconds from standstill to 100km/h. Those numbers are slightly higher than the electric Volvo C40, which has 408hp and 400km of autonomy, priced at around R$430,000.

Ford may even officially introduce the Mach-E in Brazil, but its sales should take time. That’s because all fashion production is dedicated this year. In the United States, dealers have stopped queuing for the Mustang Mach-E, whose orders will be placed again next year.

A smart plan for making electrical appliances
Although it no longer has a factory in Brazil, Ford showed details of the work done at the Technical Development Center in Tatuí/SP, a structure inaugurated in 1978, which is used to develop, test and validate the brand’s products for various markets around the world. .

Space is now ready to test hybrid and electric models. On the inside tour, we were able to access models that approve charging time, high and low speed road tests, aerodynamic coefficient tests, simulations of different types of asphalt, as well as sound and emission control laboratories. In addition to the Tatuí Technical Center with 1,500 employees, the brand maintains a laboratory in Camaçari with a team of engineers and developers.

“We confirm that investing in the development of technology and the intelligence of vehicles is a profitable business, but it requires a development structure and experiments with highly qualified professionals. Therefore, Tatuí represents a competitive and strategic difference for Ford in Brazil and around the world”, he says Rogelio Golfarb, vice president of Ford Latin America Ford has reaffirmed the plan to produce 2 million electric models for the market by 2026 with production located in the United States, Mexico and China.