Ford recalls 1175 Mach-E 2022 |  Automotive News

Ford recalls 1175 Mach-E 2022 | Automotive News

Ford will issue another recall of its Mach-E electric model. This time, the campaign affects a limited number of units from the year 2022. It is required due to a possible defect in the length of the rear axle.

On affected units, misalignment in the lathe during the first turning operation of the distributor resulted in uneven wall thickness on the rear right half shaft.

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According to Ford, the mistake happened, and I hope it will not be true in the whole industry, because of the shortage of workers. In particular, the service provider had stopped its routine inspection of the bottom wall thickness of each shaft half, simply because it was short of manpower. This resulted in non-compliant trees being sent to another supplier who does business directly with Ford.

In late July, workers at the Cuautitlan, Mexico, assembly plant that builds the Mach-E discovered a problem with two units, prompting Ford’s internal engineering teams to conduct an investigation and issue a recall.

And what is the result of a half-defective shaft? The latter can break under load, which can cause a loss of power or allow the car to move when stopped if the electric parking brake is not activated.

Of the 1175 affected Mach-Es, Ford explains that most have yet to be sold. The manufacturer says no injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of this issue. The automaker has already notified several owners through the FordPass app and will be sending letters by mail by September 19.

The solution is to go to the dealer to have the shaft checked and, if necessary, replaced.