Ford Pro pushes the limits of utility with the new electric Custom E-Transit

Ford Pro pushes the limits of utility with the new electric Custom E-Transit

L’E-Transit Customs the new generation combines advanced technology dedicated to electric vehicles with a digital ecosystem of applications and Ford Pro Serviceswith the aim of enabling customers of the brand to reduce their operating costs and to gain efficiency. It includes advanced and cloud-based connectivity as well as updates to Ford Power-Up Program for improvement over time. “The Ford Pro and its E-Transit Custom push the boundaries of towing vehicles, developing professionals and businesses in the new digital age.“, said Jim Farley, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. The model is among the four new electric vehicles promised by the manufacturer by 2024 on the European market. It was manufactured at the Kocaeli plant, Turkey, at the beginning of production is scheduled for the 2023 season.

Distance up to 380 km

In terms of capabilities, this new E-Transit Custom is equipped with a 400 volt, 74 kWh battery pack with an energy density 12% higher than that of E-Transit. The battery should allow a freedom of up to 380 km, four times the average daily mileage of a one-ton driver based on data collected from Ford Pro customers. The battery is integrated into the chassis to improve reliability and reduce weight. Equipped with brake energy saving system and regenerative braking, it benefits from Single Pedal Drive Mode, allowing the vehicle to be stopped without using the brake pedal. The charging capacity is also improved in that the car accepts fast charging up to 125 kW and gets 15 to 80% in 41 minutes. In changing the current, the 11 kW three-phase on-board charger allows a full charge within 7 to 8 hours and, thanks to Ford Pro payment software, drivers will be able to schedule it during non-peak hours, thus reducing the cost of running the car. Real-time battery level monitoring will be done on the Smartphone app Ford Pass Pro. Finally, the manufacturer provides the first year of registration for Blue Oval charging networkand 300,000 couriers in Europe.

A service that is easy to live with

With this new generation of electric utility, Ford Pro has also made many modifications to make the car. easy to use. For example, the charging port is placed in the front while the motor is placed directly on the rear floor, tilted at 90 degrees to increase the loading space and reduce weight. Depending on their needs, companies can also choose 100 kW (135 hp) or 160 kW (217 hp) engineeach version delivers a torque of 415 Nm. Features that allow it to withstand maximum load of 1,100 kgcarry the amount of loading from 5.8 to 9.0 m3, and for pull up to 2,000 kgmaking the E-Transit Custom the first 100% electric vehicle capable of replacing diesel vehicles for certain tasks.“, assures Ford Pro. The model is also equipped with a lower loading floor, and therefore easy to access, while the total height is now less than two meters to ensure access to limited areas. Opening of side door it makes loading easier and the new step provides faster access to the room. E-Transit Custom will be available locally several bodies double cab and combi type with a choice of short or long wheelbase and low or high roof. Professionals wishing to transport up to five people plus long items such as pipes or boards can apply new L-shaped head, with a second row of two seats plus full-length cargo space and a large composite head. Finally, a series of driver assistance systems it is meant to be complete. These technologies include pre-collision assistance, lane departure warning, drowsy driver alert, cruise control with speed limiter, traffic sign recognition, intelligent cruise control, rear cross traffic alert, parking sensors front and rear with 360 degree vision.

Adapted digital tips and tools

Companies will also be able to take advantage of the jobs of Ford Pro E-Telematics, whose registration is free for the first year. The software enables direct monitoring of the vehicle’s location, monitoring of its efficiency and “healthy“. It also optimizes charging strategies based on data specific to electric vehicles such as battery level, state of charge still available, and customizable minimum alert levels. E-Transit Custom also has 13 inch touch screen oriented to the driver and providing access to the Sync 410 communication and infotainment system, powered by a new system. 5G modem. The cabin thus becomes a real office thanks to its connection with a mixed workspace. For example, and Mobile Office Suite, the steering wheel turns into a support for tablets and computers, even in the dining room. This option also includes suitable LED lights for the driver’s area, an additional ceiling light and storage between the seats for documents and various portable devices. L’Delivery Assistance adjusts each station by automating part of the process to save time and enhance safety: when parking, the hazard warning lights come on automatically, opening the windows closes and locking the door when the driver leaves the car. After returning, the driver can enter and start without the key. The hazard warning lights will go out and the windows will return to their original position. Finally, Digital Key ensures simplified key management and functions like a hotel card. Operators can assign keys to different users and vehicles remotely, and track them in real time.

In conclusion, Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro, believes that, “sBacked by the Ford Pro digital system, the new E-Transit System is a truly revolutionary proposal for European car users. These important companies contribute 786 billion euros to the European economy, and E-Transit Custom allows them a further welcome improvement of their productivity during their time. transition to all-electricity.”