Ford may not deliver 45,000 vehicles due to lack of parts

Ford may not deliver 45,000 vehicles due to lack of parts

Ford has decided that it will not send cars to dealers that are incomplete due to the lack of components and semiconductors, necessary for the composition of technology and safety items. According to the automaker, that amount could reach 45,000 vehicles, including sports cars and heavy duty vehicles, which are today the company’s main products.

As is known, the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the semiconductor market, as the demand for these parts has increased significantly due to the increased production of computers and other electronic devices. Production was expected to resume as early as 2022, but it appears that this could be delayed even longer.

Ford Ranger is one of the most technological images in Brazil (Photo: Felipe Ribeiro/ Canaltech)

Ford, like other automakers, was directly affected by the parts shortage. According to the company, in July, 53,000 cars have already stopped going to the dealerships in the United States and that number could be another 45,000 in the third quarter. Semiconductor costs will be $1 billion more than expected by the company.

The explanation comes from the lack of supply of these parts and the inflation registered in the United States and in countries that produce these components, such as Taiwan. The expectation is that things may pick up in 2023, although the company’s profits will, at first, be slightly affected this year.

In the third quarter of 2022, Ford estimates it will have an operating profit of US $ 1.7 billion (R$ 8.77 billion). Sports cars, SUVs and pickup trucks are today the automaker’s main products, including here in Brazil, as popular models are no longer manufactured here.

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