Ford Makes F-100 Eluminator, Classic Electric Pickup |  Electric Vehicles

Ford Makes F-100 Eluminator, Classic Electric Pickup | Electric Vehicles


The Ford F-100 Eluminator has the same power as the Mustang Mach-E, which can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 s.

Ford Performance Parts, the high-performance division of the Detroit automaker (USA), now has an “off-the-shelf” electric motor, which the brand sells for installation in any vehicle.

To promote a new product, Ford
created a “retromod”, an old car modified to be more current, and installed in a 1978 F100 electric motor called “Eluminator”.

For US$3,900 (R$18,719.22 in direct conversion) users will be able to purchase electric motor
capable of producing 285 hp and 44 kgfm of torque, in the case of the F-100, two engines were installed, which combine for 486 hp and 88 kgfm of torque, the same number as Mach-E GT performance
which uses the same engine configuration.

In addition to the modern engine, the picture received a completely new interior, with modern elements and even a multimedia screen
. To accommodate this new power, the model is equipped with 19-inch wheels and high-performance tires measuring 275/45 R19.

The model has been painted in white color with copper color details that are compatible with body work
, wheels and even the interior, where it blends with the black color. It is worth mentioning that under the hood, as well as one of the engines, there is still room for a small trunk.

“The truth is that the performance of electric cars
It’s exciting and as the industry moves forward in electrification, so does motorsport and the aftermarket,” says Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance.

“Just as Ford is committed to leading the electric revolution in terms of products, Ford Performance
and also wants to win in the area of ​​performance and competitive cars”, concluded the executive.

In the United States, the concept of “crate engine” or “off-the-shelf engines” is common and Ford
offers several options for combustion engines to its customers, and now also offers electric motors, but the queue is long.