Ford makes a racing simulator for people with disabilities

Ford makes a racing simulator for people with disabilities

Kits made by a virtual team of automakers have steering wheel-mounted accelerator and brake controls.

Inspired by its modified cars in the real world, Ford developed the first racing simulator for people with disabilities (PcDs) or reduced mobility. The project is carried out by the eSports division of Ford Spain.

Racing simulators used in electronic sports (eSports) are becoming more and more realistic and attracting a large number of video game players. Last year, the eSports market raised more than 180 billion dollars, according to a report by Newzoo.

PCD simulator developed by Ford sports division

Keeping in mind this vein and the diversity of players, the eSports team at Ford Spain created “Fordzilla Ford Adapta Team”, the first simulator designed and adapted for PC. The key piece is the steering wheel with manual controls for the throttle, brakes and gear.

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This actor was presented by Cisco GarcĂ­a, one of the most famous wheelchair tennis players in Spain. In 2015, a snowboarding accident left Garcia with a spinal cord injury.

“Instead of the pedal, you change gears, accelerate and break the steering wheel. He has a vest that vibrates like he’s in a car and there are also headphones that sound brutal,” he said. “You feel like you’re in a race car.”