Ford is selling the Taubaté engine plant, which closed last year

Ford is selling the Taubaté engine plant, which closed last year

Ford announced this Wednesday (18), through a brief press release, the signing of an agreement to buy and sell the engine plant located in Taubaté (SP). The unit has been closed since last year, when the multinational closed all manufacturing operations in Brazil, and began operating as an importer only. According to the statement, the buyer of the building is São José Desenvolvimento Imobiliário.


With the signing of the pledge, the joint due diligence process begins. Completion of the program is also subject to the approval of CADE (Council of Economic Defence). Also according to Ford, the entire process of selling the Taubaté plant should be completed within 60 to 90 days.

The Ford factory in Taubaté was opened in 1974: from that year until its closure, it produced engines and transmissions for cars produced in Brazil and also in other South American countries. The closure of the unit resulted in the layoff of approximately 500 employees; in total, the end of the company’s industrial operations eliminated almost 5,000 direct jobs.

Before the Taubaté plant, Ford sold a unit at ABC

It is worth noting that, in 2020, Ford had sold the factory in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), which was closed in October 2019. The buyer also went to São José Desenvolvimento Imobiliário. The international company still has two industrial units in Brazil, both of which are inactive: Camaçari (BA) and Horizonte (CE); the latter retained the production of Troller jeeps.

Why did Ford close all its factories in Brazil? Boris Feldman explains in the video!

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