Ford is lowering the price of some cars in Brazil

Ford is lowering the price of some cars in Brazil

Ford adopted a new IPI (Industrial Product Tax) reduction for three of its vehicles sold in Brazil: Maverick, Ranger and Transit. Speed, meanwhile, affects models classified as motorcycles and trucks, flex or diesel, and with a gross weight of up to 5,000 kg.

The discount was published by the Federal Government through decree 10.055/2022, issued on May 1. Added to the reductions of the past, the reduction in the price of cars in these categories goes to 35%, which can translate to a drop of a little more than 1% in the final price.

“We took full advantage of the reduction in taxes for the models that are covered by the new decree. And, in appreciation of transparency with consumers, we also announced that we decided to postpone the increase in the price of the Ranger that was scheduled to start at the beginning of May, due to cost inflation. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to buy a Ranger”, says Jefferson Silva, Ford Retail Marketing Manager.

The Ford Ranger is one of the automakers that survived in the Brazilian market (Photo: Disclosure/Ford)

In the case of Ford, the car manufacturer was the first to pass this new tax which, even a shame, already provides a little help in the pocket. In a statement, the company revealed the new values ​​that will be charged in three categories starting this week:

  • Ford Ranger Black: from R$220,490 to R$218,730
  • Ford Ranger Storm: from R$255,090 to R$253,050
  • Ford Maverick: from R$235,190 to 233,310
  • Ford Transit: from R$239,900 to R237,980

Ford hasn’t announced price cuts for other Ranger versions, but should reveal new values ​​soon.

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