Ford is building the first electric car of its kind in the United States

Ford is building the first electric car of its kind in the United States

The project would help the brand become the vice leader in electric car sales in the country

Ford will be working on a new electric pickup project for the US market. According to information from the news organization Automotive News, the model would be launched in 2025, but it has nothing to do with the F-150 Electric, electric version of the F-150.

According to the report, the plan is a new project to be sold alongside an electric version of the Explorer SUV to strengthen Ford’s range of electric vehicles, which already includes the Mustang Mach-E (The fourth best-selling EV in the US) and the F-150 Electric itself.

Ford’s electric pickup remains a mystery

Little is known about the novel so far. In April, Ford CEO Jim Farley gave the first hints about the prototype. At the time, the executive said that the pickup would be manufactured in Tennessee and that it would be a “new model” to help maintain Ford’s lead in the electric pickup segment.

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Auto News speculates that the car could be a full-size pickup aimed at individuals, something the electric doesn’t, which focuses more on direct sales.

The launch of the new model will be a sign that Ford is optimistic about your electricity distribution plans. So far, a spokesperson for the brand said the brand does not comment on “rumors about future products”.

Explorer, Bronco and Ranger will be electrified

At the same time, the news agency reiterated Ford’s plans to launch an electric version of the Explorer by the end of 2024. The version of the SUV without conventional combustion will be produced at the plant in Oakville, Ontario. The original intention was to build it alongside the Mustang Mach-E in Cuautitlan, Mexico, but plans were changed.

That’s because the Oakville plant, which today builds the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus models (both combustion-powered), will be in the midst of a conversion process to become an exclusively electric vehicle plant. Sales of the Electric Browser are expected to begin in 2025, although frequent problems with suppliers (of semiconductors and batteries) have already delayed some of the brand’s plans in the past.

Farley had hinted that the Bronco and Maverick would also have electric versions, but the report says that the trend is for only the Bronco to be electrified, and for the hybrid version to take on the Jeep Wrangler 4xe from 2024. Bronco Sport and the Ranger should also win hybrid versions in the near future.

Ford has already said it intends to “become the number two electric car maker in North America in the next few years and then challenge the leader”, in an apparent reference to Tesla. The problem is that it needs to keep up with the competition: recently, Ford was overtaken by Hyundai and Kia in the the rate of sales of electric models. While the Korean brands (which are part of the same group) sold 21,467 units between January and May 2022, Ford sold 15,718 vehicles during the same period.