Ford E-Transit Custom: electric and powerful

Ford E-Transit Custom: electric and powerful

Although not expected until the end of next year, the Ford E-Transit Custom is gradually being revealed. After some first pictures last May, here are some more, supported by interesting information, which can be summarized in a few figures.

380 km is the declared maximum range of this future electric Custom. 74 kWh is the capacity of the batteries that provide this freedom. 125 kW is the power of direct current fast charging, for recharge from 15 to 80% in 40 minutes. 11 kW is the power of the charger on board. 1100 kg is the load limit and that is good, as it corresponds to the load of average fuel cars. 2 tons is the towing capacity. And that is very good, and it will even be a category record. 100 or 160 kW, i.e. 135 or 217 horse power, these are the two engine powers offered on this E-Custom, at the customer’s choice. Suffice it to say that like the big E-Transit with its 269 horsepower, Ford is also betting on performance here. And as for the E-Transit again, the engine will be installed in the rear which will make the future Custom a pusher.

In the cabin, Ford brings real innovation, which is at the same time a surprise, and easy steering, to use the vocabulary of the brand. In fact, the steering wheel of this E-Custom can change, which is to say that it can take several positions. Usually for driving, preferring to put a laptop on it or frankly flat to be used as a tray… for food for example as you can see in the picture. This system will be included in the “Mobile Office” package, which also includes LED lights for the driver’s area, additional ceiling lighting and storage space between the seats for documents and various portable devices.

It is also a Future Shipper

In terms of line and style, as we showed in the first article, this later Custom takes on more cubic shapes than the current style. A line that is reminiscent of the Volkswagen Transporter… Logically, because if this Custom is fully developed by the American brand, it will also be the basis of the future Transporter. In any case, this E-Custom now has a total length of less than two meters, which allows it to reach all areas of limited height. The loading volume ranges from 5.8 to 9 m³ and the maximum loading height is 3.45 m. The E-Custom will be offered in van, double cabin and combi versions, with short or long wheelbase and low or high roof.

The Ford E-Transit Custom will be the second electric utility vehicle in the lineup. Three more electric vehicles will see the light of day by 2024, the Transit Courier and two passenger cars, the Tourneo Custom and the Courier. Finally, note that the Custom will also be available in a petrol version and that a completely updated hybrid version is also in the pipeline.