For Kevin Estre, the driver of the Porsche GT, these 24 Hours of Le Mans “will be influential for the future”

For Kevin Estre, the driver of the Porsche GT, these 24 Hours of Le Mans “will be influential for the future”

“How do you feel as you approach your 24 Hours of Le Mans?
Good! It’s a little doubtful because it will be the last time for us to drive in Le Mans with GTE Pro, a little confused with the last two versions because we couldn’t play to win, but we have confidence in our team. I think we are hard at winning strategy, how close we are to running, pit stations, or even our staff structure. (joins Dane Michael Christensen and Belgian Laurens Vanthoor). I think we are strong, it is hard to win (No. 92 set the deadline for qualifying faster Wednesday night, thanks to Vanthoor). We are making everything right and fighting for victory this year.

While Porsche is thinking about the structure of its staff to run its LMDh model next year and only American Dane Cameron and Brazilian Felipe Nasr have been announced so far, do you feel like playing a continuation of your work this weekend?
I don’t think I’m playing but my future in these races, but obviously it will be important. I have always had the habit of taking all such races, telling myself every time I play my future, which is flawed and quality. I built my profession so because I do not come from a wealthy family so I had to show what I always needed to get the opportunity to continue and become a professional.

When you are one, the pressure drops a bit because, usually, our future is not determined by one race but by the season, but Le Mans is a special meeting and when you start this story race on the official Porsche wheel, you must win. In summary, I do not know if I am playing my profession here but my personal performance will have an influence on what comes next.

It is always said that in a car game you have to be in the right place at the right time to succeed in your career. With Porsche, your team since 2016, nearing joining the first unit, time seems to be the best for you!
It is true! Joining Porsche House in early 2016 was a very important first step in my career. I have won the race with them and my goal, since I started my career, is one day to go get a total victory in 24 Hours of Le Mans. This announcement of the LMDh program gave me hope and desire to do better to be a part of it.

Time is good considering my age (33), my experience, the fact that I have been home for a long time and won a race with them. Our names are connected now, I have a lot of positive things on my side but a lot of other things are involved. Anyway, I feel like I did everything I could to deserve this pipeline. »