for Basket Landes, it was again Royal Magarity against Angers

for Basket Landes, it was again Royal Magarity against Angers

Because Julie Barennes’ players, for this return match, were able to make a quick hole, despite the fears in the third quarter, and avoid the danger against the format that had prevailed in Charleville-Mézières. The first quarter was tough and, despite leading four points several times (10-6, 5and), the French champion was behind after ten minutes (17-18).

Again and again Magarity

The time selected by the Landaises to push seriously increases speed. After Vukosavljevic the first five points – back after a 252-day absence from the Tokyo Olympics – which put Basket Landes behind the lead (24-23, 13).and), Regan Magarity, Landes’ top scorer this season, had seven points to widen the gap (33-25, 15).and) Well assisted by Tolo at the bottom of the circle, the Swedes finished their first imperial action with three new points, with the largest match gap (47-31, 20).and) With 20 points and 20 assessments at the break, Magarity was on her way to elevating her career.

Marianna Tolo also cleaned the racket.

Matthew Sartre

But outraged by his third foul at the start of the third quarter, he joined the bench. And since Basket Landes was also on penalties (22nd), Angers grabbed his delay, by scoring free balls. Especially Peterson, it is impossible this Saturday evening (26 points). Focus will bring visitors closer to five heights (54-49, 26th)! Fortunately for Basket Landes, a long-range shot from Tagliamento and a free kick from Magarity revived a new life within Les Landaises (62-55, 28 ‘).

Tolo runs the point at home

Despite a new distance of almost three to three thanks to Chidom (62-59, 31st), 17 points this Saturday, Angers cracked again. Ufab had gone too far and had lost its place. A three-point defeat (0/15) by Bailey’s ankle injury ended his last hope. Marianna Tolo then took the items by hand with six units per minute (20 points in total) to breathe new life into Basket Landes (74-63, 35th). Magarity could then put the final baskets he needed to win his career record, which up to that point was 29 points (85-68, 38th).

A new offensive concert with at least 88 points for Basket Landes, the third in a row, and a big win for the last one at home in the regular season, best before next Saturday’s conference, awaited by all Landes people for a month. Winning the first Coupe de France in club history.


Kendra Chery (Basket Landes winger): “This victory is positive, we remain confident of the big match next week, even if we made mistakes and sometimes lacked focus. This match was interesting before the final. We were not afraid because we knew our mistakes. Regan’s performance? it gives everyone confidence and pushes us to go higher. »
Julie Barennes (Basket Land Trainer): “It’s good to win even if we lack a little defense, you have to be able to raise the level. You have to work hard, it’s in your head too.

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