For Aston Martin boss, Lance Stroll has been largely overlooked

For Aston Martin boss, Lance Stroll has been largely overlooked

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack believes Lance Stroll is “underrated” as a Formula 1 driver after doing “amazingly well” as Sebastian Vettel’s team-mate for the past two seasons.

Canadian Lance Stroll started his Formula 1 career five years ago after winning titles in the Italian F4 Championship, the Toyota Racing Series and the European F3 championship. After making his Williams debut, Stroll then had the opportunity to move to Racing Point (now Aston Martin), the team bought by Lawrence Stroll’s father, before four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel became his teammate from the 2021 season.

In their first year together, Vettel beat Stroll by 43 points to 34, with the two drivers in a tougher situation this year due to a misfiring single seater with Sebastian Vettel scoring 20 points in just sixteen races. 5 points for Stroll. Commenting on the reputation of Lance Stroll – whose place in F1 is only due to the fact that his father owns the team according to some – Mick Krack, quoted by the championship website, said: “People underestimate how good Lance is – they think he’s only here because his dad owns the team and put him in the car.”

“But you wouldn’t have done as well as him against the four-time world champion, nor would you have won as many low-seater championships as him unfortunately. It’s important to remember that Lance has never had a winning car in Formula 1, a car where he can show what he can do – to use his talent to use.”

From 2023, Stroll will have a new teammate in two-time world champion Fernando Alonso who will join the Aston Martin team at the end of the 2022 season. wait.

“When Sebastian [Vettel] joined the team, people were saying Lance had no chance, but Lance did very well against the four-time world champion – they were very close. People are saying the same thing that Fernando is joining the team, but let’s wait and see. Lance may surprise a few people.

On whether Stroll could surprise Fernando Alonso next year, Krack added: “I don’t know if Fernando looks down on Lance. He’s certainly not afraid to race him in the same car – or any other driver for that matter – but there’s respect between them. They’ve known each other for years, they’ve faced each other and Fernando knows Lance’s qualities. There’s a real respect between them. “