Football: Steven Gerrard’s shocking fines against Aston Villa

Football: Steven Gerrard’s shocking fines against Aston Villa


SoccerAmazing fines scored by Steven Gerrard for Aston Villa

Two hundred pounds a minute late for training, £50 if you forgot to bring a cake for your birthday, an embarrassing pinafore the day before games: the Villains coach has a certain sense of humour.

If you don’t follow Steven Gerrard’s rules, you have to cash out.


What will Aston Villa do with all that money? If the culture is the same in the Premier League as it is here, the Villains should afford a hell of a team to come out with a box that promises to be well filled.

The list of fines issued by Steven Gerrard has been leaked. If these do not appear to be fair in terms of wages received in the unit, a wake-up call that results in a late arrival to training can represent a lot of money quickly. Here’s the math: £500 as entry fee, £200 more for every minute that passes.

Viewing this type of document is always a pleasure. Especially when the person writing it adds a few tricks. The former Liverpool legend, who is facing his first summer training with Aston Villa, is not joking, for example on his birthday. So he expects his players to bring a cake when their party comes. In case of forgetting: 50 pounds, for each day of delay.

The “I was the worst player in practice” pin.

Some may come to kill two birds with one stone, by giving cake and flour to their partner at the same time. It is on the list, the expulsion curses the criminal to invite the team to the restaurant within four weeks.

Until now, it is the wallet that suffers. But the ego can also take action. On the eve of the match, the “I was the worst player in training” pin will be used during low opposition. The winning team is responsible for selecting which of the losers will have to wear it during the next opposition of the same type.

Perhaps this is the punishment that Steven Gerrard’s supporters will be keen to avoid.