Flux E-Transporter: MAN TGE conversion with a range of 350 km

Flux E-Transporter: MAN TGE conversion with a range of 350 km

Flux Mobility to set up Switzerland relies on an electric construction device that is self-contained when replacing MAN TGE vehicles.

Just one year after its launch in 2021, the Swiss Flux Mobility launch has now released the first models of its electric vehicles ready to drive.

The idea of ​​Flux Mobility follows that of many other electric car converters. This engine is taken from the diesel transmission chassis and replaced by a dangerous electric vehicle. In Flux Mobility, the chassis election fell to MAN TGE, a brother almost identical to VW Crafter. MAN itself offers TGE in the electronic version, but it cannot keep up with the Swiss exchange in terms of key data.

Save the package according to customer requirements

Flux Mobility

The flexible power supply allows adjustment to customer requirements.

Flux Mobility says it ranges from up to 350 kilometers, a maximum charge of 2.5 tons and a maximum trailer load of 3.5 tons for vans modified by its standard system. All-wheel drive is also possible. The top speed is up to 120 km / h. Flux sets the loading time for an impressive 15 minutes. However, Flux Mobility still does not have the most accurate data on batteries and electric motors. MAN states a range of 130 kilometers for its electronic carrier.

Each shipper is customized according to customer requirements. The standard platform from Flux Mobility also allows the free option of a wide variety of chassis from a closed box to a carrier with a loading area. Accordingly, Flux does not come with any price, as no modified car is like any other. However, Flux also offers the replacement of used used vehicles.

The first submission of Flux E distributors is scheduled for June 2022.

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A Swiss start-up company has developed an electric package that can be used to convert new and used cars into electric drivers. Arrangement is made according to client requirements. Vehicles with special bodies can also be replaced.

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