Five things you may not know about Buick

Five things you may not know about Buick

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Although Buick’s brand is known to almost everyone, we do not know its history. Indeed, the logo came with several innovations in the automotive market. A good example: Buick was the first to sell production cars with V6 engines.

How well do you know the brand? Here are five things you probably do not know about.

old as the world
Buick is one of the oldest brands in North America. Founded by David Dunbor Buick in 1899 in Michigan. At the time it was called Buick Auto-Vim by Power Company. The first two cars arrived in 1899 and 1900.

On May 19, 1903, the company was renamed the Buick Motor Company. That same year, the manufacturer released its third car.

In 1904, Buick will begin manufacturing production vehicles: 37 will be built during the year. Four years later, the manufacturer will release 8,800 cars from its factory.

The first purchase of GM
General Motors Company was formed on September 16, 1908. The next day, it bought the Buick Motor Company. Shortly afterwards, GM will receive another twenty brands such as Oldsmobile and Cadillac.

Creative brand
In 1902, the chief engineer of the brand – Eugene Richard – applied for a patented engine (OHV) engine. Two years later, the copyright was issued to the engineer on behalf of Buick. As a result, Buick will be the first to manufacture a production vehicle with an advanced valve engine.

Effects of founder
The Buick logo has undergone many changes over time. One of them, founded in 1930, was directly inspired by the Scottish David Buick family logo. Indeed, it was a red coat of arms, divided diagonally and adorned with a roof in the upper half and a cross in the lower half.

However, the best known remains three coats of arms, arranged diagonally with each of them divided by a diagonal silver band. The three colors refer to three brand models: LeSabre, Invicta and Electra. This repetition of the sign was adopted in 1959.

Chinese audience
Buick does not have the same success as in the past in North America. Nowadays, it will seek a large part of its capital in China.

For example, in 2015, 80% of Buicks sold in China, while the United States earned only 18% and Canada 1% of total brand sales.

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