First Drive: Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD e:HEV Crosstar

First Drive: Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD e:HEV Crosstar

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Updated two years ago, the new Jazz hybrid has to contend with more advanced Toyota Yaris hybrids such as the Renault Clio E-Tech or the Mazda2 Hybrid.
Japanese woman to rediscover?

Summer 2022, the battle of hybrid city cars continues, among them the Yaris continues its good journey, offers updates and most of all it is not alone. As a reminder, Toyota has chosen a new 1.5 liter 3-cylinder petrol engine with 91 hp and 120 Nm, as well as an electric unit with 59 kW, 80 hp and 141 Nm. All together it delivers 116 hp, 16 more than the previous generation. .. In Honda, the gasoline engine 4-cylinder 1.5 liter 98 hp and 127 Nm gasoline engine is associated with two electric motors. One of them drives the wheels, the other serves as a generator for the battery. The Jazz 1.5 i-MMD e:HEV Crosstar thus produces a combined power of 109 hp and 253 nm of torque. This mild and successful hybrid engine is mated to an e-CVT gearbox and offers three drive modes.
Renault chose power. With a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder and two electric motors, Clio E-Tech offers 140 hp. The national diamond has also bet on an automatic gearbox with paddles, without a clutch, due to F1 expertise.
For such hybrids, it is the use-side records that are targeted. The Clio claims 4 liters per 100 km, for 100 g/km of CO2. It is small compared to the power. Compared to its petrol-only counterpart, it is 30% less, and slightly less than Diesel. In Toyota, long-term experience allows to achieve 3.5 liters per 100 and only 85 g/km of CO2. The Jazz delivers 4.5 l/100 and 102 g/km in all Japanese electronic comfort.
In terms of performance, Jazz Crosstar announces a top speed of 173 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h shot in 9.9 seconds. The capacity of the small Honda with a length of 4.09 meters is in any case more than enough for daily use but also to focus on the trip, sitting comfortably in the comfortable front seats while enjoying the “coolness” of the e-CVT box.

It has chosen a modest, rounded bodywork, close to the previous hybrid of 2011. Everything is dedicated to the internal equipment and especially 304 liters VDA of the boot in the 5th position and up to 1203 liters VDA using the popular one. “Magic Chairs” allows you to go from 5 to 2 positions in seconds.
In terms of space, it makes a difference compared to the competition and therefore offers this variant “Crossover”, name “Star Cross”.
In terms of behavior, it is safe and above all it is very fun for a city car that also offers a lot of space for 4 passengers. Three hybrids, three letters but the Honda that offers the advantage of being less crossed in the streets. Rarity has her own charm, doesn’t she?

Honda Jazz 1.5 i-MMD e: HEV Crosstar offers a good level of equipment and endowment with a pleasant and more than adequate quality of finish.
The Jazz Crosstar is available in three trim levels (Crosstar, Crosstar Urban and Crosstar Bi-tone (our test version in Premium Crystalline Red costs €650 extra).

Price : from 28,790 euros.

Competitions : Renault Clio E-Tech, Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Mazda2 Hybrid.

Property : generous space on board, modularity of “Magic Chairs”, complete equipment, smooth ride, comfortable suspension, overall development, reduced consumption and price/equipment ratio.

Weakness : hard plastics are few and far between (but of good quality), poor sound insulation on the highway, stopping distance, Honda network is not very extensive and prices are rising fast.

Photo: B. Bakalian, Honda.