First contact: Peugeot 308 SW Hybrid 225 EAT8

First contact: Peugeot 308 SW Hybrid 225 EAT8

Beautiful and intelligent

A few months after the sedan, the new Peugeot 308 will launch its bodywork “Station Wagon”. An expected renewal in this version that was a great success on the second generation of the 308. A long tradition of Sochaux that goes back to the history of the 203 breaks through the 403, 404, 405, 204, 304, 504 and another 505 …

In the writing of “Driver” we begin this discovery with the most unique of this new line, the 225 hp plug-in hybrid. We know the front end, narrow headlights and large grille from the sedan. Nothing changes. He is ready to fight with Audi. With its curved bezel, the very well-designed rear makes the tailgate and station wagon functions look oblivious.

With 548 liters, 608 in PureTech and Diesel version, for luggage, and even 1634 liters with folding seats in 40/20/40 mode, there is room.
The wheelbase has been extended by 55 mm compared to the sedan to provide more space for passengers and provide a silhouette that sits comfortably on its four wheels. On board, a small steering wheel allows you to become one with the car. With, for the first time in the 308, two plug-in hybrid engines, 180 and 225 horsepower, performance and efficiency are guaranteed.

Mechanically, the design is similar to the sedan. The electric motor is the same in both cases, a synchronous motor with permanent magnets that produces 110 horses and a torque of 320 Nm. Ditto on the side of the lithium-ion battery, its capacity is 12.4 kWh for both. In terms of driving sensations, speed has been sacrificed for comfort. This 308 SW remains heavy. Choosing a plug-in combination only makes sense if you charge often.
Otherwise the overweight of the battery leads to excessive consumption. You guessed it, we’ll soon tell you about the PureTech 130 EAT8 version of this Peugeot 308 SW, which is beautiful and smart but lightweight…

Price : range from 37,800 euros (in 180 hp).

Competitions : Renault Mégane Estate E-Tech Plug-In 160 hp, Seat Leon Sports Tourer e-Hybrid 204 hp and Skoda Octavia Combi IV 220 hp.

Property : attractive sports silhouette, innovative interior fittings, dashboard, equipment, successful road handling, driving pleasure, comfort and fuel consumption.

Weakness : the ergonomics are still perfect, the volume of the trunk decreased by 60 liters in the hybrid and the price is relatively high.

Photo: Peugeot.