First contact Honda Civic e: HEV 2022, promised efficiency

First contact Honda Civic e: HEV 2022, promised efficiency

In the autumn season, a new generation of Honda Civic will arrive for Spanish dealers, but we have already been able to see the first unit that has visited Spain. The popular Japanese compact will only be delivered by the hatchback body in an impressive hybrid version of the power that promises very low fuel consumption.

The Honda Civic It continues to write a new chapter in its biography and the eleventh generation saw the light in 2021. Its hybrid version, unique to Europe and Japan, was launched last March and I have already had the opportunity to meet it face to face during its static presentation. .

The front grille has a unique honeycomb structure

In Spain, Honda Civic e: HEV will go on sale in the summer and will be sold separately. 5-door hatchback body although outside the Old Continent there will be other markets where the sedan variant will also be available.

Its outer dimensions are 4.55 m long, 1.80 m wide and 1.41 m long. At length it is one of the largest compact on the market and based on the previous Civic generation, the new model has a 35 mm long wheelbase and an 18 mm rear track, which should mean more stability and stability.

The exterior design of the new C-section is similar to the Honda Jazz, especially the front. The Japanese compact has a long, flat hat, it looks LED lighting fixtures and up to the 18-inch alloy wheels, the A-column is pushed back 50mm for a more dynamic appearance, with the upper part of the roof placed more forward than the previous Civic, so the silhouette slides gently backwards with a backward style.

This posterior component is lightweight and seeks to enjoy aerodynamic flow and stem load capacity. The rear gate is made of resin to reduce weight by 20% compared to the previous generation and its end is high, with an integrated spoiler. Under it, the rear lights are connected to a central belt that holds the third brake light.

The 10th generation Civic had a top breaker that split the window into two parts but in the new Civic it stays in the lower position to improve the rear view.

In this new copy of the Japanese brand logo and 50 years of history, it is recommended. interiors with incredibly recognizable quality. The materials are pleasing to the touch, the buttons are solid, the settings are flawless, the layout of the elements is intuitive, and the design suggests a pleasing combination of straight lines and painted surfaces that are elegant.

I am very interested to find the ventilation parts connected to the dashboard behind a combo-shaped metal grille. It also shines new a complete cluster of digital tools designed with a 10.2 inch LCD screen that does not allow for large personalization of information display. As of completion, the 2022 Civic could have a wireless charging base for a smart phone and a 12-speaker Bose audio system.

The multimedia system, similar to that of the new HR-V, uses a 9-inch touch screen in float format, rising from the dashboard. It has connections to Apple Carplay (without cable) and Android Auto and has real keys that act as shortcuts for great performance and rotation knob to control sound. It is appreciated that you do not always have to go through the screen for everything, as well as the fact that you provide a different weather module.

Cabinets provide good quality and excellent ergonomics

Safety equipment is highly recommended up to 11 air bags and numbers and functions of Honda Sensing driving equipment. The new Civic will enjoy features such as rear-end traffic alert, emergency vehicle parking, pedestrian and cyclist recognition, and maritime traffic control with the help of traffic jams.

The glazed area has increased, which improves the appearance of the front seat occupants – something that the bonnet 25 mm lower than in the original Civic also contributes – and gives a sense of great space in the rear seats. This second row of seats, which has its own air vents, allows sufficient space for passengers up to a height of 1.80 m where two adults will enjoy good comfort but three will be very fair. As for the trunk, Honda has not yet announced the official capacity it offers, but on presentation I was able to confirm. by eye which will exceed 400 liters comfortably.

Only hybrid … until Type R arrives

in European markets The new Civic will be sold in a hybrid version that is not just plug-in, inheriting the name e: HEV which Jazz was shown for the first time. The column will later be expanded with the arrival of the Civic R 2023, whose model has set a time record on the Suzuka circuit.

In the back seats, two residents up to 1.80 m tall will enjoy good comfort

With the presence of Civic e: HEV, Honda completes the goal that its entire European range has electricity since Jazz, HR-V and CR-V are also offered in a hybrid version and the Honda e is completely electronic. Since it is a static event, I have not had the opportunity to run it yet, but I learned a few details of the mobilization program.

The Japanese compact uses a 2.0-liter automatic injection engine i-VTEC DOHC and which operates on the Atkinson circuit associated with two electric motors. Distribution is an e-CVT but, despite the name, it does not work like a traditional CVT because the system is completely electronic and its positions are selected using the big keys in the central setting.

The hybrid system has three operating modes that change automatically: EV route around using electric motors only, Hybrid state which the force is electric but the combustion engine works as a generator to charge the battery and engine condition in which the combustion engine drives the wheels directly.

At only 1.41 meters high, the new Civic is the shortest car in the C section

Civic e: Lithium-ion lithium-ion battery is located under the rear seats so it does not take up space in the cupboard. This battery has 72 cells, if any than the ones used by other Honda hybrids. The brand has not yet reported any technical capabilities or features.

The resulting power is 184 hp and the maximum torque reaches 315 Nm, figures showing impressive performance. In fact, the Civic Hybrid has the potential to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 7.8 seconds. Considering its performance, the consumption of advertised fuel is very low and average 4.7l / 100km based on the WLTP homologation cycle. This spending economy will be one of the biggest incentives for consumers.

The Japanese brand has not yet announced the official prices of the new Honda Civic e: HEV for the Spanish market, although it expects to go on sale in October with a multi-trim structure divided into three trim levels. During the first half of his life, more than 27 million Civics were sold in 170 countries around the world. With its new generation, the Japanese are classified as one of the most efficient and secure compact.

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