Finistère placed in a state of “drought crisis” – Finistère

Finistère placed in a state of “drought crisis” – Finistère

The department of Finistère has just been placed this Wednesday in a state of “drought crisis”. This is the highest level of caution.

It is now not allowed by provincial order to clean buildings, roads, your car, your boat, or water playgrounds, lawns, golf courses, green areas, etc. The operation of water showers on the beach and public fountains must be stopped. .

Operation of valves, emptying and filling water bodies is also prohibited.

Irrigation of agriculture prohibited

Agricultural irrigation of “special crops” (field vegetables, industrial vegetables, aromatic plants, horticulture, gardens, small gardens), “special crops for the mixed market garden”, greenhouses and young plants under of tunnels and other forms of agriculture are prohibited.

Some special exceptions may exist, and amendments may be granted in certain circumstances, but apart from these derogations, farmers can no longer irrigate their crops.

“Failure to comply with the terms of the order is punishable by a fine provided by the environmental regulation of a maximum of €1,500 which can reach €3,000 in case of repeated offences”, warns the district.