Find out where Rita Cadillac will enjoy the holidays

Find out where Rita Cadillac will enjoy the holidays


A Caribbean man, a cartoon story, dancers and a light show make the perfect setting for the duo’s No Cabaré launch. Pedro & Paraná. The exciting music video featuring Rita Cadillac as the main character, will premiere this Tuesday (9) on YouTube, directed by Frames Filmes and music production by LB7.

After the success of Chifre Dói, which had the special participation of Trio Parada Dura, Pedro & Paraná present their brand new bet No Cabaré, a song composed by the duo’s friend Alessandro Braga (Kaik & Alessandro), which promises to turn the heads of fans and get everyone dancing to the Mexican beat.

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The amazing chorus “I’ll Live Cabaré/There’s No Way To Complain” called for a highly choreographed video clip, which showed the narration of the beginning, middle and end and that’s what happened! The script takes place in a roadside cabaret, whose owner is played by none other than Rita Cadillac, the eternal charmer and icon of Brazilian television.

When we were thinking about the characters, we all agreed that Rita had a musical face and to our happiness she agreed immediately”, commented Pedro about the special involvement of the actress and the dancer.

Popular added:

“Now, I joke every time I go to live in a cabaret! (laughs) I’m very happy to participate in this clip and I’m sure it will be successful”, he joked.

Image: Frame Films/Exposure

This production is signed by Orlando Baron and Luis Gustavo, famous people in the Brazilian music industry and founders of LB7.

“We designed the arrangement thinking a lot about this cabaret environment, keeping that note of Latin music emotions, using rhythms and brass. We believe that Hakuna Cabaré has everything to be a great success”, highlighted Luis Gustavo about the launch.

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