FIAT: the entire range is now (RED)

FIAT: the entire range is now (RED)

Cooperation between FIAT and (RED) expands: News (Tipo)RED and (plant)RED join family (500)RED was launched last September.

FIAT therefore continues its path towards sustainable development and a strong social commitment to contribute to a better future thanks to the partnership concluded with (RED), an organization that has been fighting against epidemics in the world for 15 years.

FIAT symbolizes and expresses the values ​​of “Italian dolce vita”. However, there can be no “dolce vita” in these times of COVID-19. The strengthened partnership between FIAT and (RED) is therefore a new opportunity to reinforce the message of a shared social mission and an invitation to play a major role in this journey towards a better future.

As part of the fight against this epidemic, FIAT intends to offer several systems in the cabin to help keep it healthy:

– all models (FIAT)RED It has a cabin filter for air conditioning, treated with a biocidal substance with a very good action (> 99.9% during the treatment) against bacteria and prevents re-aerosolization in the passenger compartment.

– The steering wheel and seats, high contact surfaces, have also been treated with an effective biocide (up to 99.9% depending on the components) against viruses and bacteria.

– Welcome Package, including a specially designed key transmitter and a special key shell.

(Type)RED and Tipo Cross Station Wagon

(Type)RED is based on the new Cross Station Wagon body and is also available on sedan 5 types of doors. They are instantly recognizable by the (RED) logo on the pillars and the Passione red color of their bodywork. But (Kind of)RED also available in Colosseo Grey, Gelato White and Cinema Black with red door mirrors.

Sustainable development concerns are also in the details. Therefore, the seats are made of SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC and feature the FIAT monogram and red stitching. SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC is a new sustainable and fully traceable raw material developed from marine waste by the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

The Tipo range expands with the launch of the new Cross Station Wagon, designed to meet the needs of families looking for more space. The boot capacity increases by 110 dm3 compared to the 5-door Cross to reach a total of 550 dm3.

The Cross Station Wagon version uses the same design elements as the 5-door: a distinctive grille finish, with ‘satin chrome’ detailing on the exterior handles, roof rails, side skirts, bumpers and body-coloured exterior mirrors related to fog lights. There are also 17-inch two-tone alloy wheels or ‘Full LED’ headlights and signature LED rear lights.

(Type)RED available in France for €23,790 with Tipo Cross Station Wagon)RED at a price of €24,790.

New (Panda)RED

Panda remained the Italian market leader in 2021, with the Panda/500 duo dominating its market share in Europe. Since its launch, approximately 8 million Pandas have been produced. New (Panda)RED based on the City Cross finish, its production shows the same characteristics as the Tipo (available colors, badges and upholstery).

So the message (RED) will be sent to all fans of this icon. Through this collaboration with (RED), Panda thus becomes one of the main symbols of the social mission of the Italian brand. And even more with its Hybrid engine, (Panda)RED confirms its commitment to sustainable urban mobility that is more environmentally friendly.

(ride)RED available in France for €16,090.

New (500)RED

New (500)RED enhanced as usual with practical and useful everyday accessories: “Cleaning Glove Box”. This new device has a UV-C lamp. According to laboratory tests, UV-C light rays have a very effective action after one second and within 2 cm of distance, killing more than 99% of viruses and bacteria on the exposed surface of the article. This UV-C lamp, located inside the glove compartment, helps kill the surface of exposed objects, such as smartphones, keys or other small everyday items.

In practice, all you have to do is put your small personal effects in the glove box, close it and activate the system by pressing a special button on the center console. A blue light and beeping sound indicate when the three-minute disinfection cycle is complete.

500X MY22

500X MY22 is more than 500! In the lineup, the front end has been redesigned with the addition of a new “500” logo, while the “FIAT” lettering appears on the rear hatch. The 500X MY22 is available in (RED), Sport, Sport Pack and Sport Plus finishes, and in two body variants: Hatchback and Dolcevita, a convertible version with an electric convertible top (specific information on the variants sold in France will be subject to press releases future news).


Named after the color of emergency, (RED) was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to transform the business into a force dedicated to fighting the AIDS epidemic. Today, (RED) is also grappling with the threat of COVID-19 and its devastating impact on the world’s most vulnerable communities, emphasizing the need for a truly global response.

(RED) works with brands and celebrities to create (RED) products and experiences to raise money for the Global Fund, one of the world’s largest health charities. (RED) partners include: Amazon, Anova Culinary, Apple, Balmain, Bank of America, Beats by Dr. Dre, Buffalo Games, Claro, eos, Girl Skateboards, The Honey Pot Co., Louis Vuitton, Mavin Records , Montblanc, Primark , Salesforce, Starbucks, FIAT, Jeep, RAM, Telcel, Therabody, TRUFF, U-Mask and Vespa. (RED) backers also include Merck and Roche. To date, (RED) has raised nearly $700 million for the Global Fund, helping more than 220 million people. Funds raised by (RED) partners and campaigns go directly to strengthening health systems and supporting life-saving programs in communities. most affected by epidemics.