Fiat Punto Cabrio: history;  fittings;  design

Fiat Punto Cabrio: history; fittings; design

To see the array Fiat today, focused on examples of relatively small, small nostalgia can come. Without going back to the 1960s, in fact, most of us remember the recent days when the Turin brand also existed in various parts of the world that are considered niche, such as that of spiders and ever-changing objects.

In the mid-90s, for example, the 2-seat Barchetta with Punto Cabriobuilt on the basis of the first generation of a successful small car.

Giugiaro’s hand, Bertone’s signature

At the time, Fiat had an in-house fashion center already that didn’t work for large series models, like Barchetta from ’95, designed entirely “home” though for the production entrusted to Maggiora’s work.

For Punto, and Uno before him, Parliament used the co-operation of‘Italdesign di Giugiarowho also oversaw the Cabrio structure released in the same year, 1993.

However, the discovery was sold under the logo of Bertone on the front edges like the last ones were entrusted with the identification of specific parts and the final assembly, developing a tradition that was behind other successful variables such as 850 Spider and Pace Cabrio.

Fiat Punto Cabrio S, powerful

The model itself seemed simple and pleasing: the front and doors were exactly the same as the 3p sedan, except for the absence of frames, also because the body was already designed with this variant and thus facilitated addition. windshield reinforcement and the floor necessary for all converters.

Fiat Punto Cabrio ELX

Where it differed significantly was in back, completely redesigned and with large horizontal and circular lights. It would not have been otherwise since Punto’s base had backlights mounted on the pillars. The luggage compartment was accessed through a short upper pouch, with an electric-wrapped towel lying on the floor for body work, protected by a removable soft cover.

Fiat Punto Cabrio ELX with hooded hood

Fiat Punto Cabrio ELX with hooded hood

Two engines, two configurations

The distances were also very simple: the Punto Cabrio was available in two variants: one combined a 1.2-liter Fire engine (1,242 cc equivalent) and a single point injection and 58 HP from the Punto 60. for the configuration of Swhich contained metal rims and the most important materials, at the time ELX provided 1.6 “90” always 2-valve 88 bhp with additional equipment including alloy wheels, fog lamps. In 1996, the 1.6 provided space for 86 bhp 1.2 16V marked “85”.

fFiat Punto Cabrio S and ELX

Fiat Punto Cabrio S and ELX

Well received early in his career, the Fiat Punto Cabrio lasted as long as the first regular Punto rank, that is. until 1999and it has not been revived by subsequent generations, so much so that after Barchetta left the scene in 2000 no other Fiats were discovered until the arrival of 500C (technically “adjustable sedan” according to the old definition) about 10 years later. .

Fiat Punto Cabrio S

Fiat Punto Cabrio S

At the time of launch, in 1993, list prices ranged from 23.6 to 27.6 million, about 5 million more than the Punto 3p with the same engine. Today, Punto Cabrio in good condition is appreciated between 3,000 and 5,000 euros.

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