Fiat Pulse Abarth will exceed 200 km/h and will have a 185 hp 1.3-liter turbo engine |  versions

Fiat Pulse Abarth will exceed 200 km/h and will have a 185 hp 1.3-liter turbo engine | versions

Step by step, Fiat reveals the details of the new Pulse Abarth, a small sports SUV that marks the return of the Italian brand’s sports division in Brazil and will arrive in the last quarter of the year. This week, we had a quick contact with the car at the Interlagos Circuit (São Paulo) and found out that it will be the fastest model among its rivals and will exceed 210 km/h.

The Abarth SUV – which will not have Fiat in name, only Pulse – will be one of the most powerful cars from Stellantis (a group that brings together brands such as Jeep, Fiat, RAM, Abarth, Peugeot and Citroen) in Brazil. Therefore, you will use it T270 1.3 turbocharged engine producing up to 185 and 27.5 kgfm.

The exchange will not be a CVT as in the “regular” model, but six-speed automatic, like the one equipped with Fiat Toro. The manufacturer claims to be The top speed will exceed 210 km/h and that the car will leave weather to 100 km/h in “less than eight seconds”.

Abarth claims it will be the fastest and fastest SUV in the segment. Therefore, it will have to exceed the performance figures of its “cousin” Citroën C4 Cactus 1.6 THP, for example, which accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds and reaches 213 km / h.

The Pulse Abarth will feature a dual-muffler exhaust and a type of diffuser at the rear – Image: Disclosure

Like the Fiat, the front brakes are discs, but the rear are drums. Speaking of the wheels, they are 17″ light alloys and have a different design than those fitted to the Impulse version of the SUV.

In general, the sports car is lower and has more suspension, compared to the standard versions of the compact SUV. However, there is no technical information provided by the manufacturer.

To differentiate itself from the Pulse sold by Fiat, the SUV received several cosmetic changes. Starting with the front: the interior design of the grille is new and all painted black, no chrome elements. A scorpion logo is stamped in the center of the piece.

The headlights did not change the design, but now they have a black mask. The fog lights, on the other hand, have changed their position and are smaller and more upright. The bumper is unique to the Abarth and, despite being small, it attracts attention with its red color.

Pulse Abarth abuses the color red on the sides, wheels, mirrors and front bumper — Photo: Disclosure

Red, by the way, is in other parts of the car, such as rear-view mirrors, side stripes and details on the wheels. At the rear, two-way exhaust and a diffuser type in the center of the bumper are featured.

We took a ride (in the passenger seat!) in Interlagos. However, the interior was completely covered. But, from the carpet, we can say that Abarth will use a formula known for sports cars, but that works: seats, dashboard, console and steering wheel covered in black leather with red stitching.

Apart from the logo, the grid pattern and black hardware on the top of the item are exclusive to the Sports Beat — Photo: The Solution

The vice president of Fiat in Brazil, Herlander Zola, says there will be other Abarth cars in Brazil. However, initially, all will come from Fiat and will not be limited to SUVs. Although the Italian brand has not confirmed, it is possible that after Pulse, The Fastback (future SUV coupe from Fiat) will also be produced by the scorpion manufacturer.

“Our ambition is not to make Abarth a mass brand. It will be something unique, interesting. For those who value performance and like sports cars,” claims the Executive.

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