Fiat Fastback launch techniques

Fiat Fastback launch techniques

Along with many launches, Fiat reveals details of the Fastback, the only Sport Utility with a coupe silhouette built on the MLA platform, similar to the Pulse, Argo and Cronos. The Italian brand will start manufacturing it in Brazil, at the Betim plant, differentiating it from other Stellantis models such as Toro, Compass, Renegade and Commander, which are produced in Pernambuco.

In the press release accompanying the teaser, it should be seen more clearly what the definitive silhouette of this model will be like, as Fiat announces that. “the image shows all the power and muscle of the Fastback, a silhouette that will be able to combine volume and power with sportiness and beauty”.

Likewise, the text indicates that the Fiat Fastback will deliver “balanced measurements showing a wider silhouette (than the Pulse), a more prominent hood with a slightly raised back near the trunk, as well as optics that invade the sides in an attractive design”.

Being placed on top of the Pulse, the Fastback is expected to offer an additional level of hardware and even some licensing “cold” in cabin style. As for the mechanics, although Fiat has not confirmed, the options will be the T200 and T270 engines recently launched by Fiat Pulse and Jeep Compass/Fiat Toro, respectively.

The first is a 120 hp 1.0-liter turbo mated to a CVT automatic transmission and the second is a 175 hp 1.3-liter turbo mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

* Text published on the site Windshieldand Editora Perfil Argentina.