Fiat E-Ulysse 2022: Return of Maxi-Minivan

Fiat E-Ulysse 2022: Return of Maxi-Minivan

The Fiat E-Ulysse is available exclusively with an electric powertrain and features a range of up to 330 kilometers, eight or nine seats, and a starting price of 59,500 euros. The Fiat Ulysse is a familiar name to the Italian public: it was manufactured in two generations at the Sevel Nord plant in France from 1994 to 2010, during a period when minivans remained a vibrant market segment, even at the top end, before being supplanted by more delicious but not always more versatile SUVs and crossovers.

Due to the resumption of the technical and product partnership with PSA as part of the Stellantis synergies, a maxi-minivan returns to the Fiat range, this time with 100 percent electric drive: it is the Fiat E-Ulysse, which joins the New 500 in the Turin-based company’s offer of electric cars with the goal of providing an environmentally friendly mode of transport for congress centers, prestigious hotels, and rental facilities with a driver.


The Fiat E-Ulysse 2022 launches with a trim level hierarchy of standard and lounge. 17-inch alloy wheels, reclining and detachable seats, three-zone temperature control, removable work shelf, retractable sliding sunshades for the rear seats, and a cargo net are standard on the basic level.

Also, the Lounge trim level has an electronically controlled tailgate, a panoramic roof with ambient lighting, Xenon headlights, and changeable leather seats configured as a “living room.” The Fiat E-Ulysse will be on sale in May 2022, with costs starting at 59,500 euros for the base configuration and 66,500 euros for the Lounge.

Two Cuts for Batteries

Technically, the Fiat E-Ulysse 2022 is available in two lengths, base (495 cm) and long (530 cm), and two battery capacities, 50 and 75 kWh, to accommodate a wide range of customer requirements. The maximum power output of 100 kW, the torque output of 260 Nm, the top speed of 130 km / h, and the connector for the ultra-fast 100 kWh charge, which allows you to charge from 10% to 80% in just 45 minutes, all represent interesting performances for professional users seeking the refinement and luxury that the comparable Scudo Combi work vehicle cannot provide.


Among its distinguishing characteristics in comparison to the competitors, the Fiat E-Ulysse introduces a unique sanitization technology. A simple device that may be used on the vehicle and in other locations to improve the passenger compartment’s hygiene by eliminating the majority of germs that enter the automobile. The three-zone automated temperature control system (driver, front passenger, and rear area) likewise emphasizes on-board well-being, with autonomous regulation for each individual zone.

An Abundance of Light

Concerning the environment’s brightness, the Fiat E-Ulysse, in addition to the huge windows, features a panoramic glass roof, which is standard on the Lounge version. The pavilion’s huge glass comprises of two panels measuring 40 cm by 1 meter each and covering an area of 0.8 square meters. If you need to block off the light, each panel may be dimmed with the help of a sliding curtain.

Between the two panels is the air conditioning diffuser, which features six independently adjustable vents and an integrated temperature and power control for optimal comfort throughout the vehicle. Finally, two LED strips ensure that the space is illuminated in a nice and peaceful manner.

Interiors That Can Be Configured

A self-respecting maximum volume cannot forego the option of reconfiguring the passenger compartment as required through seat movement or reorientation. The Fiat E-extra-large Ulysse’s seats and reclining armrests provide essential comfort. Also, the double folding table slides between the second and third rows and provides a perfect support surface, as well as several storage areas, for impromptu business meetings.

Also, it may be quickly closed, vanishing between the seats, to decrease clutter. All rear seats in the Fiat E-Ulysse are positioned on rails, allowing them to be readily relocated, reclined, or even uninstalled with easy actions. The interior area may be readily modified to meet passenger and luggage transit requirements: up to 12 different configurations are available in the 8-seat version, and up to 16 in the 7-seat “Living room” version divided into three rows.

The baggage compartment of the Fiat E-Ulysse is segment-leading, with a capacity of up to 4.2 cubic meters in the basic version and 4.9 cubic meters in the Long version (900 and 1,500 liters with all seats filled, respectively) and the ability to carry things up to 3.5 cubic meters in length.


The Fiat E-Ulysse adds Grip Control to a long range of available driving aids (lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, road sign recognition, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition). to begin and advance on slippery terrain by adjusting the anti-skid system’s intervention threshold in response to the presence of snow, sand, or gravel on the path.

Impressive Driving Impressions

Although we did not meet such tough scenarios on the test track, the Fiat E-Ulysseit demonstrated safe and predictable reflexes, as well as a high level of resistance to pitching and rolling. It benefits from a lower center of gravity than the turbodiesel variants of the Scudo Combi, owing to the battery pack being located beneath the floor, out of the way of the load capacity and habitability of the passenger compartment.

In the city, the new Fiat proves to be rather controllable and, above all, snappy: it begins silently at the traffic light, but rather lengthens with a development unfamiliar to the competition’s thermal models. The auditory comfort is outstanding, even while reaching the top speed and experiencing some aerodynamic rustling and tire rolling. The onboard ADAS are effective.