Fiat Chrysler launches its Portal Concept at CES 2017

Fiat Chrysler launches its Portal Concept at CES 2017

The Consumer Electronics Exhibition, which takes place in Las Vegas from January 4 to 8, 2017, is an unforgettable event for all high-end brands, as well as certain car manufacturers, who present their new products and products there.

Cars are connected more and more and carry more and more avant-garde electronic systems. One of the most futuristic to be autopilot. So it’s no surprise that the developers are presenting new features at CES in Las Vegas and this year 2017, Chrysler is one of them.

Website: Fiat Chrysler fancy car of the future

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been at the forefront of new technologies for some time: the Italian-American group has signed a partnership with Alphabet subsidiary (Google’s main company), Waymo, to develop Mountain View autonomous taxis. The FCA will provide Waymo Chrysler Pacificas with a self-propelled barrier that will build the Waymo ship.

Normally, The FCA will also benefit from Google’s development in Fake Detective and it is in this context that the group submits the Website. The concept car, unveiled in the form of illustrations before the opening of CES 2017, could represent the future of cars from the Italian-American manufacturer. In any case, it is part of what other manufacturers are doing around the world.

Chrysler’s website is free and electronic

Not surprisingly, the Chrysler Portal is 100% electric, with electric vehicles becoming the future of the automotive industry. Based on the features revealed by the manufacturer, the Portal has a range of 400 km thanks to the 100 kWh Lithium battery.

The site also has 3 levels of free driving (free driving on highways such as highways) but the FCA aims to install a 4th standard for free driving (almost complete freedom).

The Italian-American manufacturer of course has not forgotten the connection: wi-fi, screens, cameras and interactions with connected passenger devices are on the agenda.

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