FIA WEC/IMSA, Hypercar/GTP: who, where and when?

FIA WEC/IMSA, Hypercar/GTP: who, where and when?

RIO DE JANEIRO – It’s official: BMW Motorsport announced this Tuesday (26) its return to the World Endurance Championship and the 24 hours of Le Mans as a new manufacturer within the LMDh/Hypercar regulations adopted as a technological merger between WEC and IMSA. The Bavarians, who yesterday tested the prototype BMW M Hybrid V8 at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano de Melegari, near the Italian city of Parma and served as a test track for Dallara, on whose platform the new car was assembled, confirmed their presence. the competition from here to two years – in 2023, they start IMSA.

In this way, the A Mil Por Hora blog will present to you the wonderful situation that lies ahead for the world series and the United States from next year, as well as the change in the IMSA regulation, which changes the DPi to the LMDh platform – there, they. will be known as GTP. In WEC, all will be called Hypercar, regardless of build.

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Model: ARX-06C
Platform: Oreca
Control: LMDh
Engine: Acura (power plant not specified) + Bosch/Williams/XTrac hybrid systems

Acura, that is Honda, produced the first kilometers of the new ‘toy’ in Magny-Cours, France, the country where Oreca maintains its base. The ARX-06C follows the same philosophy of the DPi model built on the 07 LMP2 model, a two-time champion with Penske and which is still fighting for the IMSA title this year in 2022. The brand will have the same team as the last two seasons. : Wayne Taylor Racing (WTR) and Meyer-Shank Racing (MSR). No Le Mans or constructor’s WEC – it will be two cars in IMSA.

Example: M Hybrid V8
Stage: Dallas
Control: LMDh
Engine: BMW 4 liter biturbo V8 + Bosch/Williams/XTrac hybrid systems

BMW begins its trend within the new model integration rules in IMSA only. In 2023, the team of Bobby Rahal, David Letterman and Mike Lanigan will have two full-season cars in the GTP series with the new M Hybrid V8, with the same engine used a few years ago in the DTM cars. The following year, they will ‘attack’, as stated in the opening of the post, at the WEC and Le Mans.

Will Acura speak for itself? It seems…

Example: Codename not yet revealed
Stage: Dallas
Control: LMDh
Engine: Cadillac V8 DOHC 5.5 liter + Bosch/Williams/XTrac hybrid systems

The American manufacturer continues with two sides as early as 2023 and at least three cars and two teams were announced: Chip Ganassi Racing represents Cadillac in IMSA and also in WEC, with a model in each series and Action Express is only in America. and more than one car – the possibility of Caddy in the Michelin Endurance Cup is not excluded, but at the same time it is not reasonable to think that this can only be 2024.

Example: Codename not yet revealed
Chassis: Ferrari
Control: LMH
Engine: Ferrari (power plant not specified) + Hybrid systems

Ferrari launched its Hypercar at Fiorano, its test track, with drivers from the Ferrari GT Competizione program under Antonello Coletta. The race will be run by AF Corse, owned by Amato Ferrari. There will be two full-season cars in the WEC in 2023, a year which marks the return of the Italians and the factory team at the 24h of Le Mans to the competition’s premier class after half a century.

Example: SCG 007 LMH
Chassis: Podium Engineering
Control: LMH
Engine: Pipo Moteurs 3.5 liter biturbo V8 – no hybrid systems

Glickenhaus, which surprised in the 6h of Monza with a pole position in practice and strong sound of his Hypercar without hybrid systems – lives with a lack of money, which will prevent the appearance of the team in the 6h of Fuji this year. For 2023, the team is expected to be partially registered in the WEC, depending on the financial contribution. At the 24 hours of Le Mans, the forecast is to book two SCG 007 LMH chassis.

Isotta Fraschini
Example: An undisclosed code name
Chassis: Michelotto
Control: LMH
Engine: Isotta Fraschini 6-cylinder without specified displacement or architecture, designed to receive hybrid systems.

The page raised the rabbit: Isotta Fraschini, a brand from the 19th century and founded by Cesare Isotta in collaboration with the brothers Antonio, Oreste and Vincenzo Fraschini – later shut down a century later and taken over by the Fincantieri Group in Bari – would have plans of joining the FIA ​​​​WEC in 2023 within the Hypercar regulations and a design that would already be under construction at the Michelotto airport, for many years and responsible for creating the Ferrari Grand Turismo competition. For now, without a signed agreement, everything is just speculation.

Example: 9X8
Chassis: Peugeot
Control: LMH
Engine: Peugeot 2.6 liter biturbo V6 + Hybrid systems with power delivery through the front axle

The innovative 9X8, with small rear wings instead of the ‘normal’ plane, is Peugeot’s bet from the recent edition of the 6h of Monza disputed with the aim of the full-time WEC and the 24h of Le Mans 2023 Absence. long race after almost twelve years, the French put all their chips in the concept of chassis construction where all the bottom advantage is concentrated on the floor of the model. For the first time, they are going with two official cars in the WEC next year – but an unofficial car is quite possible.

Example: 963
Platform: Multimatic
Control: LMDh
Engine: Porsche 4.6-liter V8 biturbo + Bosch/Williams/XTrac hybrid systems

Porsche is likely to be, among the announced manufacturers, who has the biggest burden of new car development for next season. The prototype 963 has been in testing for the longest time and the car was officially presented at the end of June. Team Penske represents the Stuttgart brand as a factory team with four cars – two in WEC and two in IMSA.

There will also be individual teams, two confirmed so far: JDC-Miller Motorsports in IMSA and JOTA Sport, with the support of Hertz, in the WEC. Eight cars are planned for 2023, with the second privateer Porsche 963 in the US likely to end up in the hands of AJ Foyt Racing, while in the World Endurance Championship the latest rumors rule out Dempsey-Racing Proton as a customer team – Porsche could I am not interested in bringing another LMP2 team and not one of the project LMGTE-AM.

Example: Hybrid GR010
Chassis: TMG
Control: LMH
Engine: Toyota 3.5 liter V6 biturbo + Hybrid systems with power transmission through the front axle

Dissatisfied with the performance of the GR010 Hybrid, which despite a series of modifications does not dominate the 2022 season as it did last year, when the Hypercar principle came into force to replace the defunct LMP1, Toyota would consider significantly changing the concept of its LMH and. to replace the current model with a new model – but this should only happen in 2024. Until then, Toyota continues with two cars and is the only manufacturer to compete in every WEC season since 2012, although that first year was 3. platform at Le Mans.

Example: An undisclosed codename
Chassis: Kodewa
Control: LMH
Engine: Gibson GK458 4.5 liter V8 – no hybrid systems

Colin Kolles’s ByKolles has been testing the development of his Hypercar, which was originally called the Vanwall – bringing the manufacturer’s first F1 world champion back in 1958 to the global motorcycle scene in more than half a century.

But there is a bigger problem than the non-homologation of the car, which led to the veto of the team’s presence in the WEC in 2022: the issue of using the Vanwall name is that it captures a lot behind the scenes. There is an ongoing process at the European Union Intellectual Property Office and these problems can cause the project to become a bad egg. Tom Dillmann drove – for now – the Vanwall LMH in tests at the EuroSpeedway in Lausitz, Germany. If the imbroglio is resolved, they must come with a car.

By 2024:

Example: A500 (preferably following the brand standard)
Platform: Oreca
Control: LMDh
Engine: Alpine (electric planter not specified) + Bosch/Williams/XTrac hybrid systems

Representing the Renault group, Alpine benefits from formula 1 and includes the largest investment in Endurance with a view to the 2024 season – next year, the Dieppe brand should ‘fall’ to LMP2 and make a transition year, as the French Hypercar in recent years is the former LMP1 ‘cancelled’ in 2018 and with four seasons behind it – it was the Rebellion R18 which became the Alpine A480 with ACO/FIA approval.

Alpine’s LMDh should come to the tracks with the code name A500 and be mounted on the Oreca platform – similar to Acura – but without the proven engine and conventional hybrid systems according to the IMSA/ACO/FIA integration regulation. It is possible that the car will also participate in the USA, but in the name of Nissan – another brand of the group and very popular in the North American market and Alpine’s representative will be Andretti – in the WEC will be Signatech, and Philippe. Sinault.

Example: The code name is not defined
Platform: Ligier
Control: LMDh
Engine: Lamborghini (powerplant not specified) + Bosch/Williams/XTrac hybrid systems

Owned by Volkswagen Auto Group (VAG), Lamborghini will fill Audi’s gap in Endurance – since the brand with the four rings, along with Porsche, is going to Formula 1 within the technical regulations that will apply from 2026. The investment that would be concentrated in LMDh was transferred with the intention of the long-term entry of the Wolfsburg brand into the top division, through its two subsidiaries, with Audi taking on what is today Alfa Romeo (read Sauber) and Porsche with a technological partnership with Red Bull. group.

Back to Endurance, Lamborghini enters 2024 only in the control of LMDh on the French Ligier platform, with the development of aerodynamics and mechanics provided by the engineers of the house of Sant’Agata and on two sides – WEC and IMSA – by teams that have not yet been found. has been defined. The brand’s Squadra Corse has confirmed that the car’s development tests will be handed over to Italians Andrea Caldarelli and Mirko Bortolotti – both must be assigned to one of the two races. Audi had Nico Müller and René Rast, currently in the LMP2 teams on their radar – it is not clear if both will be used later in this program, since the home of Ingolstadt will soon return to Endurance and prototypes.