FIA examines the validity of Ferrari’s experiments

FIA examines the validity of Ferrari’s experiments

The FIA ​​is seeking clarification on those terms Ferrari participated in the Pirelli trial last week, in Imola. Some teams on the grid are amazed at the parts used in this event by Scuderia, which was one of the next four teams on behalf of one manufacturer for two consecutive days of testing at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. This operation was part of the 2022 tire development.

Teams have questioned Ferrari’s compliance with the rules, which would be driven by different floor dimensions during its test day. Wednesday morning is Charles Leclerc who was on the song, before handing over the wheel to carlos sainz in the afternoon. The pictures clearly show two different versions of the floor between the two pilots.

The rules for testing F1 tires are very restrictive for the team, and the fact that Sainz entered the song with a different reputation was an awareness of the competition. Article 10.8 of the System 1 Sports Code defines the requirements given to teams regarding the parts they can use, and prohibits any use of experimental components.

“Cars participating in the trial must only use parts whose measurements have been used in at least one Grand Prix or one practice period in the current championship year”states this article. “These vehicles must fully comply with the terms of the Technical Regulations.”

“No experimental piece, component change or configuration is permitted if it provides the competitor with any information not related to pneumatic testing. make an accurate tire evaluation or complete tests. “

The problem in the Ferrari case would have to do with the details of the floor used during the day in Carlos Sainz’s one-person seat. The version used by Charles Leclerc is the one used in the Bahrain Grand Prix, but doubts surround Carlos Sainz ‘and the fact that it was installed in the Grand Prix on Ferrari earlier. However, it can be placed during winter trials, which would allow Scuderia to be on the nails.

Further, the question is to know what is the correct definition of the word “component” in the code and to what extent the modification of the elements may or may not be considered. Ferrari declined to say where or when Carlos Sainz’s floor was previously used, but the Italian team insists it has followed the rules closely.

According to a statement from, at least one team has spoken to the FIA ​​to confirm the legitimacy of the situation, but other teams are monitoring the file very closely. Authorities would now contact Ferrari to inquire about what had been done before and during the trial, to see if the regulations had been complied with.

– with Jonathan Noble

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