FIA declares Red Bull and Ferrari under flat to be illegal

FIA declares Red Bull and Ferrari under flat to be illegal

New technical regulations introduced by the FIA ​​aimed at reducing extortion in the Canadian Grand Prix should be implemented from the French Grand Prix. Section 13 of this technical guide states that the maximum flexibility of a flat bottom and a “board” should not exceed 2mm vertically.

This wooden board (which is not wooden nowadays, editor hint) has been around since 1990 and serves as a measuring tool to set the minimum height for the car. In the event of excessive wear on this part, due to friction with the ground if the vehicle is too low, the FIA ​​prohibits faulty vehicle.

This board still exists and its benefits in 2022 are even more important as cars jump and rub on the ground. Although final wear is not a problem for anyone, its flexibility is questioned.

“Opportunity” in law

In this case, the FIA ​​found during the first tests of rebounds in Canada that a reasonable loophole in the code existed. Sure, these technical guidelines refer to two specific parts of the board, but the part under the pilot is not specifically mentioned.

Ferrari and Red Bull have used this flexibility to provide more moisture to their drivers, and it also has the effect of reducing the rebound. The measured flexibility actually exceeds 2mm, but the part responsible for the board that is not specifically mentioned in the technical instructions, this method should be legal.

For Wolff, this is not uncommon

However, Toto Wolff intervened to ask the FIA ​​to review the text to make this little hand trickery illegal. “No one knew about it until the FIA ​​mentioned it during the last technical guidelines meeting.”

“It was a great surprise for both teams because what is written in the rules and their interpretations are very clear. There is no argument to justify why their boards should be simpler than standard. It’s a bit of a surprise, if not a complete shock. »

Red Bull and Ferrari will be allowed to use this flat section in the Austrian Grand Prix, but it will not be possible for them to use the same flexibility from the French Grand Prix.