Ferrari unveils a stunning new look for the Italian Doctor

Ferrari unveils a stunning new look for the Italian Doctor

Ferrari has revealed the yellow jerseys that Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will wear next weekend at Monza

Ferrari will travel to its home of Monza this weekend as Formula 1 prepares for the Italian Grand Prix.

Although their championship chances have faded midway through the 2022 season, the tifosi still have plenty of reason to be excited as the Monza race approaches. Indeed, Ferrari look confident they can challenge for victory on home soil for the first time since Leclerc’s historic victory in 2019.

To celebrate the occasion, Ferrari has come up with an unusual new look for the Grand Prix weekend at Monza. On social media on Tuesday, before the home race, Ferrari showed photos of drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc wearing yellow jerseys.

A tweet was written “C²”, in reference to their two pilots, and showing Sainz and Leclerc in various poses to showcase the clothing line. “Shop the Monza look – get the new ‘Giallo Modena Special Edition’ T-Shirt NOW”said another tweet.

The reason for the yellow color is that the team is celebrating 75 years since the creation of the Scuderia as an independent constructor (which was Enzo Ferrari’s second attempt to create a team). This is also the reason why the single seat of 2022 has the name of “F1-75”.

Yellow and blue are also the colors of the flag and logo of Modena, the city where Enzo Ferrari was born and raised. At the moment, it seems the team’s yellow color is only used for gear and racing suits, with no plans to change the base version of the car. However, there may be a nod to yellow included in the form of markings on the nose and sides. This has yet to be confirmed by Ferrari.

Although Ferrari has competed in yellow in various racing categories throughout its long history, a yellow Scuderia Ferrari car in F1 is extremely rare. In the early 1960s, teams such as Ecurie Nationale Belge and Ecurie Francorchamps, both affiliated with Ferrari, competed in yellow.

Only one yellow Ferrari F1 raced officially for the Scuderia. It was entered by Olivier Gendebien’s team during the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix. The Belgian driver won the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Ferrari and got the chance to drive his 156 at the Belgian GP as a thank you.