Ferrari stage a mockery as Hamilton discovers Leclerc’s tires – Formula 1 News

Ferrari stage a mockery as Hamilton discovers Leclerc’s tires – Formula 1 News

Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Max Verstappen are surprised by Ferrari’s strategy in Hungary (Video: Playback/F1TV. Credit: ESPN)

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto he defended the strategy put hard tires for Charles Leclerc in the last half of Hungarian GP in formula 1, played this Sunday (31), at the Hungaroring. According to him, there was no mistake. But pilots think differently. Even more than that: they even thought the decision of the vice-leader of the championship was absurd.

Shortly after the race, with Binotto struggling with the image and defending the decision involved in pushing Leclerc from first to sixth in the race, the Monegasque pilot already said he did not understand. I wanted to spend more time on the track with intermediate tires, for example. Opinions of one against the other? Not much.

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All pilots, even without all the telemetry information, agree with Leclerc. And they didn’t need to talk about it.

Still in the podium hall, where the first three positions in the race are placed before going to the ceremony, the cameras of F1 The TV captured when Lewis Hamilton watched the VT of the race on the screen installed in the room. Panicked, he questions George Russell and Max Verstappen, who arrived earlier. “Was the Ferrari on solid tires?” he asked.

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell were delighted (Image: Red Bull Content Pool)
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The two, Russell and Verstappen, turn to Hamilton, laugh and reply that yes, Leclerc was on hard tires, holding a bit of the cold Hungaroring track, trying to find victory. An inside joke of pointers can only be characterized as one thing: mockery.

Leclerc is now 80 points behind Verstappen in what can no longer be called a championship battle.

THE formula 1 is now wrapping up summer vacation activities. Just four weeks from now, between the 26th and 28th of August, at Spa-Francorchamps, with the Belgian GP.


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