Ferrari SP48 Unica – one discount at customer’s request

Ferrari SP48 Unica – one discount at customer’s request

The Ferrari SP48 Unica, the most recent member of the Cavallino Rampante line-up, was launched yesterday.

This special model joins the most unique production group in Maranello: unique, custom-designed, custom-designed and custom-designed vehicles.

Manzoni was responsible for the design of the Ferrari SP48 Unica

Designed by Ferrari Centro Stile under the direction of chief architect Flavio Manzoni, the SP48 Unica is a two-seater berlinetta developed on the F8 Tributo platform. For the lines coordinated with the extremes, it immediately refers to the original pattern, but it is inevitable thanks to its arrow-shaped front profile. The key to this effect was the adjustment of the headlights and subsequent relocation of the air intake of the brakes.

An important feature of the engineering and design of this unique new vehicle is the extensive use of process parameters and 3D prototyping (additional manufacturing). They allowed Ferrari Centro Stile designers and technicians from Maranello to redesign the front grille and engine ventilation.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo, but has been significantly modified.

This state-of-the-art production process resulted in 3D radiator grids that appear to be carved from solid volume, conveying a sense of seamless continuity and flexible flow.

Systematic body image solutions work with direct communication with grilles and affect the overall design of the SP48 Unica: the transition from black – on windows, roof and engine cover – to body color is particularly clear. The shocking visor effect on the front is enhanced by the reduction of the side windows and the removal of the rear window and emphasizing the powerful SP48 Unica muscle, which appears to be made from a single metal block.

High visibility SP48
There is no rear window, but an improved symmetry that looks exactly from the bird’s eye view.

The view of the plan illuminates the central part of the roof, which includes an image representation of the air intakes mounted on the back of the carbon fiber engine cover in front of the rear wing. This main section allows the viewer to appreciate the advanced SP48 Unica structure and exposes complex symmetry interactions with intersecting lines created by its shapes.

The flexible water-heat construction of SP48 Unica has been improved and completed. In this way, all cooling requirements are met and different aerodynamic balance is achieved at the same time. One of the major changes compared to the F8 Tributo is the air intake for cooling the engine on the front bumper and under the rear damage.

Ferrari SP48 Unica rear
It is clearly visible in the background: ventilation openings under the belt and rear lights.

Each has a systematic grill that has full angles in each section to increase the rate of air flow through. The design of the car also allowed to put charge ventilation behind the side windows, which in turn made it possible to reduce the intake on the sides. Long back installation reduces absorption from the roof area and increases back strength.

Interior Ferrari SP48 Unica from F8 Tribute

The interior maintains the technical identity of F8 Tributo – with the exception of the rear window – but the work of deep craftsmanship has led to a complete mix of colors and appointments that reflect the fascinating, sporty and extravagant personalities of SP48 Unica.

A good example of this is the black Alcantara® laser made for the seats and a large part of the interior decoration. Under the shimmers an orange-red fabric that matches the exterior color. Its motif matches the hexagonal motif of the grille and the finish in the color scheme of the roof, creating an interesting continuity between the interior and exterior.

In the SP48 Unica pilot room, the eye is immediately drawn to the refined rocker covers with the same laser-cut hexagonal motif. The matte carbon fiber gives the pilots room a touch of technology and uniqueness and is complemented by metallic accents in the Grigio Canna di Fucile.

Customer ordering is involved in development

The Ferrari SP48 Unica was created for a long-time customer who was involved in every step of its development. The car is a bold interpretation of the concept of a sports car, subtly emphasizing its race spirit and speed resolution. The purpose of its development was to redesign the existing structure, inspired and with respect to the core values ​​of the company of innovation and passion.

special projects

As part of a special project plan, a unique Ferraris (called “one-off”) is created, which is characterized by a unique design. They are perfectly tailored to the needs of the respective client, giving them a unique model.

Each project starts with an idea from a client and then designed by a team of designers from Ferrari Centro Stile. After the proportions and shape of the vehicle are determined, detailed engineering structures and design model are created before the one-off construction begins.

The whole process takes more than one year on average. At this time, the client is closely involved in evaluating the design and validation phases. The result? A unique Ferrari with a Cavallino Rampante brand, made to the same standards as every car from the Maranello connecting line.

NewCarz says:

What could a Scuderia fan enjoy more than a personal isolation in the form of a modern Ferrari? Maybe there will be nothing there. The Ferrari SP48 Unica is one of them and, as usual with instant manufacturing, money certainly plays only a small role.

In any case, the new owner of this brand – which Unica also means – can expect a very special Ferrari. We are delighted with you and wish you all the best in your new possession and look forward to being with him for one or two rounds before he spends his entire life as a collector product in a fully ventilated room.

Text: Ferrari / NewCarz – Photo: Ferrari

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