Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale: Extreme from 2023

Ferrari SF90 Versione Speciale: Extreme from 2023

Ferrari will add a hybrid sports car SF90 from 2023 with an upgraded VS version. Now the first Erlkönig has been arrested.

It’s hard to believe, but the Ferrari SF90 Stradale has been in the hybrid sports car scene since 2019. Accordingly, it will reach the middle of its life cycle in 2023 and hence during the update. Prior to that, Ferrari seems to be adding an enhanced version of the SF90 Stradale. Compatible hardcore versions have a long tradition in Ferrari.

Pure aerodynamics with 1,000 hp

Erlkönig which is now captured operates under the local version F173VS, with VS clearly indicating that Versione Specialist is running here, i.e., a more improved version of Stradale. In view of that concealment, the captured Erlkönig is still in the early stages of development. However, areas where changes are already taking place can be identified. The Italians have obviously improved the front part of the VS with different front aprons including a large split and an adjusted front cap with new flow components. The back should bring a redesigned spoiler.

Improvements are also in the pipeline for hybrid power plug-ins. In Stradale, a four-liter turbo V8 in combination with three electric motors produces 986 hp. An elegant 1,000 hp should be tailored to VS. The Ferrari SF90 VS should be followed by the corresponding variant of the SF90 Spider about six months later.

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No, the number of units does not depend on CO2 emissions and batteries make cars heavier.

Of course, electric motors also offer power thanks to power boost and the possibility of rapid vectoring of torque.

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Ferrari adds a Special Edition to the SF90 shortly before its major upgrade. Most of all, it brings the most improved aerodynamics and maybe 1,000 hp.

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