Ferrari sees fire in truck engines heading to Italy – Formula 1 News

Ferrari sees fire in truck engines heading to Italy – Formula 1 News

The brakes of a lorry carrying Ferrari cars overheated on the way to Monza (Image: F1 Data Analysis)


After the start of the season he showed signs that he would fight for the world title formula 1 After many years, Ferrari has not had a good run in 2022. On the way to Monza, where the team is holding an Italian doctor, the bus carrying the team’s engines caught fire after braking too much.

The news was brought by the Italian profile F1 Data analysis, data analysis and telemetry expert in formula 1. In the logs, it is possible to see some firefighters with what appears to be fire. It is not known for sure, however, if the problem has already been solved by the team.

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Firefighters work to control the fire in the Ferrari bus (Image: F1 Statistical Analysis)

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Strange comes to the mill along with a confused run on the part of the team, which missed twice more. First, he called Carlos Sainz in the pits and did not have all four tires ready for the Spaniard, who lost several positions. At the end of the race, Ferrari called the #55 driver back to the pits during the safety car and left him dangerously on top of the car. Fernando Alonsowhich earned him a 5s penalty – Sainz finished the race in eighth place.

Ferrari’s next chance to create a new image after many mistakes in 2022 will be next weekend, at home, time formula 1 hosts the Italian GP – which usually gathers more team fans than any other event. The race in Monza is scheduled to take place next Sunday (11), while it is scheduled to start at 10 am (Brasilia time).

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