Ferrari reveals MGU-H failure led to Leclerc’s retirement from Spanish GP – Formula 1 News

Ferrari reveals MGU-H failure led to Leclerc’s retirement from Spanish GP – Formula 1 News


Ferrari spoke on Monday (23) and informed the reasons for the engine failure that forced the abandonment of Charles Leclerc, who was leading the GP of Spain, in last Sunday. The Italian team said that, after analyzing the power unit in the Monegasque car, it found that the turbocharger and the MGU-H (battery responsible for generating electricity from the heat of the cars) were damaged, and cannot be repaired.

The team believes that the failure was not a design flaw or a reliability issue in the two components, suggesting that it occurred due to external conditions or the way it was being used. The temperature on Sunday in Barcelona it was at the 36ºC mark.

Part of the power used by Leclerc in Barcelona it was the second season. For the Monaco GP, which will take place next weekend, Ferrari has to decide whether to return to the old specifications or start a trajectory with a new engine. THE F1 limits three MGU-Hs with different turbos per season, taking a grid penalty from the introduction of the fourth piece.

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Mattia Binotto talks to Charles Leclerc in Spain (Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office)

Charles Leclerc took pole position and was on his way to victory in the GP Spain until he retired on lap 27. Initially, the Scuderia said that it did not know the reasons for the failure, and mentioned that it was only aware of the Monegasque’s report.

“It was a sudden problem,” said Mattia Binotto, Ferrari team principal. So it was very sudden.”

“We still don’t have an explanation. Then the electric unit will be returned to Maranello, it will travel overnight, and we will dismantle it tomorrow morning”, explained the manager later on Sunday.

With 104 points, Leclerc is second in the Drivers’ Championship, surpassed by Max Verstappen, who won the championship. Spain. Charles carries two victories in 2022, in Bahrain and the Australian GP.

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