Ferrari points to something that was similar to Red Bull

Ferrari points to something that was similar to Red Bull

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Two contenders for the world championship of formula 1 started the 2022 season with cars with very different characteristics, although in the time of the circuit, there was little room to separate them. But as the race progressed and the two teams adjusted their cars, the power became equal: Ferrari as fast as Red Bull.

Initially, the Maranello team was better in the middle and low speed corners, while the opponent had a clear advantage in the straight and flat corners. However, Ferrari believes that the new low-drag wing, which was first used by Charles Leclerc at the Canadian Grand Prix, acted decisively to end the rival’s high-speed advantage – especially when the DRS was on.

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Interviewed by If the balance of performance between the two teams has now changed, Mattia Binotto said: “We had a disadvantage compared to Red Bull, of course, in straight line speed – especially in the DRS areas.

“In terms of the strength of their DRS compared to ours, we had to work on it a lot. So the new rear wing that we first introduced with Charles in Canada, we’ve had on both cars since England.

“And with this new rear wing, I think we’ve narrowed the gap we had in terms of speed. I think they still have a slight advantage, but it’s very small or minimal.”

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The switch to a lower-drag wing, rather than simply reducing downforce, has allowed Ferrari to not sacrifice the power it has had so often this year at tire damage. Binotto reckons that in terms of traction, nothing separates his team from Red Bull. However, he thinks Leclerc and Sainz can make the most of their car’s apparent advantage.

“In those that reduce energy consumption [curvas]we’re very close,” he said. “So it’s just the blocking corners where we need to make a difference.

“I think [na Áustria] We were fast, not only because of the car, but because I think both drivers had a good weekend in terms of set-up balance, car set-up, understanding and controlling the tires and driving on track.

Ferrari’s new low-profile rear wing aims to perform better on lower tracks, with the team realizing that Red Bull’s package had already given it a huge advantage.

Speaking recently about the wing, Claudio Albertini, the team’s racing operations manager, said: “It is at a low average level, similar to what we use, for example, in Miami or Australia, this type of track.

“Then [estamos] maintain that level of strength and we will strive to have a more efficient rear wing.

When asked if the reduction in drag was something the team was aiming for in its own right or if it was a response to Red Bull’s advantage, Albertini said: “With progress you sometimes notice. [coisas] when you run. You can see how you stack up against other teams and where you can improve.

“We can see that, for example, at high speed, that was an area where there was room for improvement, and we improved efficiency as a result.”

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