“Ferrari is using the same strategy as Mercedes last year”

“Ferrari is using the same strategy as Mercedes last year”

German journalist Michael Schmidt thinks Ferrari is using the same strategy as Mercedes in 2021. The Italians are still running at full power despite reliability issues. Currently, the team will also not have a solution.

“Ferrari has a very good car. What surprises me is that everyone is copying Red Bull, but nobody is copying Ferrari. It shows that no team knows why Ferrari is so fast,” Schmidt said on Auto, Motor und Sport’s Formel Schmidt program.

Mercedes theorizes that the Ferrari’s speed is related to the flexibility of the floor. “Mercedes suspects this, but they also suspect that Red Bull is doing something with the floor. Let’s find out in Business. In my opinion, in terms of performance level, nothing will change.”

The reliability of the Italian team has been a big issue this season. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have already had to retire several races this year. In the Austrian doctor, Sainz had to stop his car in the escape zone. “At the moment it doesn’t look like Ferrari has a solution to the engine problems. Even if it is, it will take time to implement. Cache engines still have this problem.

According to Schmidt, it will take for the Spa to make the next engines part of the reserve. That could also mean another penalty for Leclerc, he says. Despite the reliability issues, it doesn’t look like Ferrari is cutting back on power. “Absolutely not. They have to drive at full power. They have to take all the risks. I think they are using the same strategy as Mercedes last year. In fact, in 2021, Lewis Hamilton’s team completely opened the engine. As a result, the drivers received many grid penalties .