Ferrari is giving us a V8 for its 296 GT3

Ferrari is giving us a V8 for its 296 GT3

Presented ahead of the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, the Ferrari 296 GT3 is tasked with replacing the mighty 488 GT3.

After the highly successful Ferrari 488 GT3 launched in 2016, Ferrari has set itself the challenge of going one better with its replacement, the 296 GT3. This racer ditches the rear-mounted V8 of the 360 ​​Modena and 488 GT3 for a more powerful V6 3.0 turbo. It was created with the help of Oreca, in its premises in Signes (Var).

This V6, technically close to that of the standard 296 GTB (but without hybrid), is positioned in V at 120 ° and turbos inside the V benefit from a better balance of masses and reduce the center of gravity. Fuel consumption is also controlled, without affecting power. The nearly 600 hp engine is placed further back and lower than in the road version, which makes it possible to gain stiffness and an improvement of about 10% compared to the 488 GT3. The gearbox is special and is installed differently. Six gears occur through a simple electronic clutch that is controlled from the steering wheel.

Mecano style parts replacement system

Aerodynamically thinner than the 488, the 296 GT3 takes on the styling of the production version. It receives additional lights for easy driving at night. The car also changes in terms of practicality with a Mecano-style quick-change parts system, front and rear. In particular, this makes it easier to repair components after collision, or to provide easy access to mechanics parts. This was one of the weak points of the original Ferrari GT3. This new version is also designed to be easy to handle, making it suitable for the professional driver as well as the less experienced driver.

To discover this new 296 GT3, it will be necessary to wait until the end of January 2023 with the 24 Hours of Daytona endurance event. where Ferrari will make its first official laps. The cost of the car has not been revealed, but it must be very high.

Photo: Ferrari.

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