Ferrari F1 praises its drivers for reacting to adversity in 2022

Ferrari F1 praises its drivers for reacting to adversity in 2022

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have already experienced difficult times in the 2022 season, but according to Ferrari, both drivers were able to calm their emotions quickly after the crisis.

Apart from the high points, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have had difficult times this season so far, with each suffering from driver errors, technical issues and strategy issues at different times.

Leclerc attracted attention, after riding alone and crashing into the barrier, while leading the French GP. The Monegasque shouted angrily over the team radio after the mistake, for which he took the blame.

However, Scuderia race director Laurent Mekies does not believe Leclerc is more sensitive than Sainz when things go wrong.

Mekies explained how both drivers managed to calm their emotions, immediately after the difficult incident to analyze what happened.

“With these two guys, we’ve had some really high highs and some really painful lows this season,” Mekies said. “And both ways, both ways, when they go back to the garage, when they look at what happened, when they look at the data, they can reset themselves, be in a learning mode after 15 minutes.”

“So you need to separate that from what you might hear on the radio in the heat, when they’re running at a high heart rate. I think they’re two different things.”

“But when they get out of the car and analyze everything, after an hour they go back to the analysis mode and show a little emotion, no bad emotion, but you can see that it makes them more motivated,” he said.

While Ferrari’s mistakes in strategy were noted by the Hungarian doctor, it was Leclerc’s own mistakes that sparked the debate a week earlier in France.

However, Mekies says the team is not worried and does not want the driver to change anything in his style.

“Let’s get off to a fast start,” Mekies said. “He’s been showing incredible pace again this year, you don’t want to touch that aspect, and Charles doesn’t need us to understand, as a good racing driver, to understand where he needs to go in terms of proximity and limit.”

“He’s a master at this and, like all of us, mistakes can happen. I don’t think we’re looking at one mistake, we’re looking at the hit rate. We looked at how he’s able to do things compared to the things he doesn’t do well, and I think his success rate this year has been very interesting and we don’t want him to change anything.”